MGM Resorts International is dedicated to helping protect our planet. By integrating a comprehensive environmental responsibility program across our 16 resorts with over 62,000 employees, we are able to reduce our negative impacts on the environment, while continuing to provide our customers with a superior guest experience.

We are passionate about greening our resorts, and our approach to environmental responsibility encourages solutions that continuously improve our operations and our products. We believe that a greener business is a better business, that through our actions we can have a positive impact on our visitors, employees, communities and the planet.

We call this the MGM Resorts Green Advantage, and it is our promise that we will strive to:

  • Understand our impact on the environment and implement best practices to reduce it
  • Ensure that environmental responsibility is a priority at all levels of our organization
  • Support sound public policy that creates positive environmental change
  • Develop and support business partnerships with companies that share our passion for the planet
  • Never be complacent with our accomplishments, but always strive to do more