Event celebrates women, wine, fine art and philanthropy

The annual "Women Inspiring Women" event combined fine art, good wine, lively conversation and networking, and philanthropy, culminating in a sizeable MGM Resorts Foundation donation to a local women's charity. The event, held at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, was also an opportunity to promote this summer's annual Women's Leadership Conference, taking place Aug. 6 and 7 at MGM Grand Las Vegas.

"Our annual Women's Leadership Conference is one way we as a Company have tried to help tip the scales for the advancement of women," said Executive Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer Phyllis James. "We're pleased to offer the conference again. Networking is one of the most important factors contributing to the advancement of women, providing a way for women to help each other. It is one of the reasons for hosting this event and one of the reasons we hope you will join us again in August for the conference."

Attendees at the Women Inspiring Women event explored the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art.

The event began in the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, where the recently opened "Painting Women" exhibition features groundbreaking female artists from the 19th and 20th centuries. It then moved into a nearby ballroom where Gallery Executive Director Tarissa Tiberti led a discussion of selected works while resort Sommelier Sarah Pamatat introduced wines specially chosen to accompany the art.

"I'm used to pairing wine with food, but this is the first time I've chosen wine to go with paintings, so it was an interesting challenge," Ms. Pamatat said.

The Women's Leadership Conference is sponsored by The MGM Resorts Foundation and proceeds each year are given to a deserving local charity. The Foundation presented a $20,000 check to Safe Nest, which assists victims of domestic violence. Ms. James pledged an additional $5,000, totaling $25,000 for the organization, which offers shelter, advocacy, counseling services and more for women caught in abusive relationships.

"We appreciate the contribution and everyone involved in helping Safe Nest. This is appropriate because our organization is all about uplifting women," said Safe Nest Executive Director Estelle Murphey. "We help victims become survivors – women who feel like they have no future – and we help them to see that wonderful things can happen in their lives."