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Play Vegas Slots Online, Win Cash Prizes

If the Las Vegas Strip is the ultimate Sin City sight, then the cha-ching of the casino floor is its iconic sound. Casino action has evolved over the years, especially with the introduction of advanced technology and a new generation of Vegas faithful who use their mobile devices for virtually everything.

A mobile-friendly world translates to a desire for instant gratification, which makes it all the more alluring to play all of our favorite Vegas slots online. That’s quite a stretch from what the gaming world looked like less than a couple decades ago. But then again, cell phones have gotten a lot more savvy since the ol’ brick Motorola was originally launched in the 1980s too.

Even just a decade ago, gamblers would get the thrill of having coins drop into their plastic buckets for winning at slot machines. Eventually casinos traded the plastic buckets and coins for paper vouchers. While more convenient, they’re definitely not as tangibly exciting as the sound of coins falling into a bucket. But now, MGM Resorts International is taking technology a step further and giving guests a gaming experience on-the-go. And in this age of technology, getting the gratification of seeing those coins fall is something most smartphones can manage. Plus, so many people currently rely on their smartphones to schedule every part of their Vegas experience it just makes sense to add in the thrill of playing slots online too! You can book a room, a show, even dining reservations from the handy computer in your pocket – why not play slots on it too?

Gaming Online Made Easy

Online games are nothing new, but casinos make it easier to play them, adding exclusive incentives, while still providing an authentic Vegas experience – you know, the variety of slots and that tantalizing cha-ching sound? Late last year, MGM Resorts introduced the EasyPLAY® Mobile Tournaments app, which gives guests a chance to earn M life Rewards and win cash by playing their favorite Vegas slots online.

Guests still have the opportunity to join in on the online gaming fun via the myVEGAS Facebook game but even then prizes won online were only redeemable for experiences. But with the new app, anyone in Nevada has access to playing some of the best online slots available in the MGM Resorts brand.

It’s free to sign up for the app and first-time deposits can get matched, up to $500. And if online slots sounds intimidating you can start with a few, free practice games to find out if the experience of playing Vegas slots online suits you. One of the most popular, 25 Diamonds, still gives the same casino thrill of betting and matching multiple lines, in the hopes of hitting it big. Triple Sapphire Sevens follows a similar concept, but targets high-roller gamblers looking for a higher payout. There are online tournaments with buy-ins starting at $5 for a chance to win thousands of dollars in cash prizes. Truly, it’s the exact same fun of playing in the Las Vegas casinos, but online and from the convenience of your couch, hotel room, restaurant, pool, car...you get the idea.

Play Anytime, Anywhere in Nevada

While there’s nothing quite like the infectious, feel-good buzz of the casino floor, the new EasyPLAY® app gives people more options for where they play. Rather than physically sitting down at a slot machine on the Las Vegas Strip, the slot machine experience comes to you; whether you’re drinking cocktails at the bar, relaxing in your guestroom, or lounging at the pool. Trust us, we know exactly how long that walk from the guest room to the casino floor can be, especially after a long night of clubbing with your friends. If you’ve signed up for the app, gaming goes with you anywhere you are in Nevada.

How Technology Continues to Shape Casino Culture

Plan a visit to Vegas and you might be surprised just how much the city continues to change. Casinos are constantly being renovated, reimagined, or in some cases, completely redone to answer the wants and needs of the millions of people who head to the Strip each year. But it’s about providing a one-of-a-kind experience each and every visit. It’s a lofty goal, one that encourages MGM Resorts to work tirelessly to create the best of the best for their guests. Technology will continue to be a huge contributing factor to the kinds of amenities and additions you can expect to see from Vegas destinations in the future. And, it’ll be the innovators who’ll be able to withstand the test of time and be part of the city’s rich history for the long run.

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