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Executive Associate Program


MGM Resorts International’s Executive Associate Program (EAP) is an advanced and professional leadership development track based in Las Vegas. Our mission is to recruit recent MBA graduates from prominent business schools and shape them for future leadership with our Company. While working alongside senior executives, Associates are challenged to develop and produce innovative ideas that could change the way our Company operates.

The EAP consists of two tracks (summer and full-time), and each Executive Associate is placed in key functional roles where leadership skills can be fostered to support the Company’s strategic vision. Both tracks provide ongoing coaching and mentorship to ensure that each Executive Associate is set up for success. Please see below for further details.

The Executive Associate Program offers two distinct track offerings

Summer Executive Associate Program – Available to current MBA first-year students for a 10-week placement during the summer, working on high-impact projects at a targeted division within the Company.

Full-Time Executive Associate Program – Available to recent MBA graduates to join the Company on a permanent basis, with placements into 6-12 month rotations to work in long-term roles within various functional areas based on the individual’s skills, experience, and interest.

2018/2019 Application Process

There are two rounds of recruitment for the Full-Time Executive Associate Program and one round of recruitment for the Summer Associate Executive Associate Program as detailed below:

  • Full-Time Executive Associate Program, Round 1: August 27th - October 31st
  • Summer Executive Associate Program: August 27th – January 5th
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