Customer, Supply Chain and Stakeholder Engagement

Our diversity competency expands our dimensions of potential business opportunity and partners domestically and around the world. We recognize diversity as fundamental to modern business dynamics and cutting-edge competitiveness in the 21st century global marketplace.

Supplier Diversity

Inclusion of diverse suppliers in the commerce of our supply chain is a major priority in our global procurement program. Our objective is to provide business opportunities that promote our strategic objectives of quality and price competition. This provides diverse enterprises with economic opportunity, access to developmental guidance, capacity-building experience and the potential for repeat business critical to growth.

Women's Leadership Conference

Since 2007, we have proudly hosted the annual Women’s Leadership Conference (WLC) for women of all ethnicities, professions and social backgrounds, and men who support them.

Community Engagement

MGM Resorts supports diverse groups within our communities. Our team members participate in a wide array of community events, including:

  • MLK Day parades
  • Veterans Day parades
  • National and local pride parades and events


Universal Love represents the intersection of MGM Resorts position as an entertainment leader and its commitment to diversity and inclusion. Entertainment, in this case, music, should be universal with options that speak to everyone’s personal experiences.

Military & Veterans Program (MVP)

MGM Resorts recognizes the exceptional sacrifices and efforts of those who serve in our armed forces. To show our gratitude, we created a special Military & Veterans Program (MVP). The program is available to any active duty military, members of the National Guard and Reserve, retired military, prior service and spouses of eligible military personnel.


Las Vegas is the ultimate wedding destination that caters to all couples.

Temptation Sundays

For more than a decade, Temptations Sundays has been the longest-running gay pool party in Las Vegas. Each week, the event is hosted by J.Son of, and features resident DJ Mattmon along with a series of guest DJs.