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Introducing R.U.N produced by Cirque du Soleil

By Matt Jacob

Debuting October 24, 2019.

Cirque du Soleil’s new show takes us on an adventure through an imagined world of gritty backstreets and rival gangs in a story told through death-defying stunts and live action like you’ve never seen before. For more than a quarter-century, Cirque du Soleil has mesmerized audiences throughout the world with its unique blend of unbelievable acrobatics, superhuman feats of strength, exotic costuming and playful banter that often breaks through the fourth wall.  

The Hollywood Influence

But now, Cirque du Soleil is breaking all of its own rules and leaving behind the very things that catapulted the production company into the limelight more than 25 years ago. This Las Vegas production completely deviates from the company’s enduring brand. Instead of acrobatics, Cirque du Soleil delivers a thriller featuring a linear storyline in which stunts are the show’s centerpiece.

Debuting October 24 at Luxor, R.U.N incorporates live-action performance, cutting-edge special effects and state-of-the-art multimedia that takes audiences on a thrilling journey into the stunt world. Set in the fictional underground of Las Vegas, R.U.N – pronounced run, but begs the question “Are you in?” – follows rival clans on a relentless manhunt filled with fast-paced chases and combat scenes that unfold chapter by chapter. 

Aside from replacing acrobatics with stunts, another Cirque du Soleil first was collaborating directly with Hollywood. Robert Rodriguez, a Los Angeles-based filmmaker whose work includes Sin City and Alita: Battle Angel, was tapped to write the script: a gritty, action-packed adventure that begins when the hero breaks up the wedding of a striking bride, setting off a series of chase and combat scenes between opposing gangs.

Besides Rodriguez, Michael Schwandt is the show’s director, while Tyler Bates wrote the score. Schwandt is a renowned live-performance stage director who has worked with multiple entertainment entities, including dozens of music artists and several sports organizations, while Bates has gone from lead guitarist for Marilyn Manson to acclaimed action-film composer, scoring such films as Deadpool 2 and Atomic Blonde. Also, Kym Barrett, whose action-based film work includes Green Hornet, The Amazing Spider-Man and Aquaman, is R.U.N’s costume designer.

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Are you in?

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