Stay Well™ Experience at MGM Resorts

Welcome to Stay Well rooms at MGM Resorts International, the ultimate wellness experience. Our Stay Well rooms combine the latest wellness technologies from Delos, the Cleveland Clinic and Dr. Deepak Chopra, all to help make your stay everything you want it to be. Stay Well features and programs are designed to promote your health and well-being while mitigating the impact that travel has on your body. Enjoy an enhanced sleep environment and greater relaxation with Stay Well at MGM Resorts International.

Stay Well Premier

Elevate your experience and enjoy maximum relaxation in our Premier rooms. Get restful and restorative sleep with enhancements such as a Stay Well natural memory foam mattress, providing optimal support and pressure-point relief, and a mattress encasement. Pamper yourself with features such as guided meditation narrated by Deepak Chopra, a dawn simulation alarm clock, and peaceful soundscape to help you unwind.

Stay Well Hotels

Stay Well rooms offer evidence-based wellness features to minimize the impact that travel has on the body. Whether you are visiting for business or leisure, you can maintain your health and wellness while traveling and enjoy room enhancements such as an air purification system, circadian rhythm lighting to reduce jet lag, sink water purification, and the Cleveland Clinic Newsletter providing award-winning online programs for sleep, stress, and nutrition.

Fresh By Stay Well Hotels

Enjoy a select group of features that create a unique guest experience to provide accessible wellness while you are traveling. Delight in features like the vitamin C shower infuser, an air purification system, use of hypoallergenic cleaning products, and aromatherapy featuring scents sourced from high-quality essential oils.


Air Purification

To reduce pollen allergens, mold spores and other microbes in the air.


All-natural essential oils to create a calm, mood-enhancing environment.

(Only available in Fresh by Stay Well™ and Stay Well™ hotels)

Cleaning Protocol

Non-Toxic cleaning products and UV lighting to reduce bacteria, viruses and other microbes.

Energizing Lighting

Bright white light suppresses melatonin, and can help to reduce jet lag and regulate circadian rhythm.

(Only available at Stay Well™ hotels)

Specialized Lighting

Including a dawn simulator to gently wake you, energizing light to suppress melatonin and reduce jet lag, and long wave night lighting to minimize sleep disruption.

(Only available at Stay Well™ hotels)

Stay Well Shower Infuser

Reduces chlorine to keep hair and skin soft and smooth.

Stay Well Mattress

Natural memory foam for optimal support and comfort.

(Only available at Stay Well™ hotels)


Cleveland Clinic Online Programs

Take advantage of the complimentary award-winning Cleveland Clinic online programs for sleep, stress and nutritional support that are available to all Stay Well™ guests.

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Stay Well Meetings

Elevate your meeting experience

Stay Well® Meetings at MGM Grand is the most comprehensive wellness meetings experience in the world.

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Take home a piece of your Stay Well experience.

Whether it’s removing pollutants from your indoor air or complementing your sleep with the most subtle night light, we consider every possibility for enhancing your well-being at home.