Take Action

Contact your elected officials and tell them to support legislation required to authorize MGM Bridgeport.

Throughout the country, states – including Maryland and Massachusetts - have looked to casino gaming to create jobs, increase tourism and drive economic opportunity across their states all without tax payer money.

Connecticut recently used a two-step process that seeks to expand casino gaming but protected the State’s rights to payments from Tribal Casinos instead of prioritizing the State’s long-term economic needs.

STEP 1 – Authorize MGM Bridgeport to build a first-class entertainment, tourism, and hospitality destination, as long as key conditions are met to receive an operating license.

STEP 2 – Go forward with a bold privately-funded investment in Bridgeport’s future. Collect:

  • $50 million in Licensing Fees,
  • $8 million in Bridgeport Community Payments,
  • $4.5 million in Surrounding Community Payments,
  • $267 million in Tribal Payments pending opening of MGM Bridgeport