Welcome to MGM Empire City

We’re proud that Empire City Casino has joined the MGM Resorts family. MGM is committed to the communities we serve, and to creating world-class entertainment destinations at all of our facilities around the world.

In Yonkers, transforming to a full casino would create thousands of high-quality jobs and millions of dollars in new revenue for public education in communities across New York. Our state lawmakers need to act now and support New Yorkers by passing legislation to allow the transformation of Empire City to a full casino. The best is yet to come.

Tell Albany: Support Full-Scale Casinos Downstate

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MGM Resorts is committed to investing in local economies, creating jobs, and helping fund quality education in communities across New York State. But, lawmakers in Albany need to allow MGM to build on these investments in New York.

Help bring full-scale casinos to downstate New York. Sign the petition calling on elected officials to act now. Click below to add your name.

Downstate Gaming Conversion

Greater Potential for New York City's Gaming Market

The New York City gaming market is letting gaming entertainment dollars get away. The lack of quality gaming options, including traditional slot machines, live table games and sports betting is sending those dollars out-of-state. All market indicators show that the State of New York is not maximizing potential gaming tax revenue.

  • 5,855 Additional Direct Hires
  • $2.3 Billion in Additional Economic Impacts
  • New York generates just $28,245 in Gross Gaming Revenue per 1,000 visitors (Pittsburgh generates $244,667 per 1,000 visitors and Chicago generates $61,991 per 1,000 visitors)
Legislative Proposal

State lawmakers have the opportunity to support communities across New York. But only if they act now. We need Albany to allow MGM to create more jobs and generate more revenue for New York. By authorizing the transformation of Empire City to a full casino, lawmakers will be helping us build on our investment in Yonkers -- and all of New York.

Keep Tourism Dollars in New York

Current State Of Play

Outdated laws in the state are preventing New York from generating more than $1 billion in new tax revenue and creating new economic opportunities for thousands of New Yorkers. And the state is losing this possible new revenue to other major cities across the U.S. who have embraced the benefits of gaming. The time to act is now.

Tax Dollars Flowing Out of State

Surrounding states including New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania are attracting gaming entertainment dollars from New York, capturing more of the competitive Northeast market and more revenue to support their policy priorities.