“Chilling” The Right Way at the Ice Bars

“Chilling” The Right Way: Ice Bars in Las Vegas 

One thing that Las Vegas visitors love is that nothing is off limits. Including ice in the desert. Ice bars in Vegas allow you to chill out in tepid temperatures while you enjoy the coolest cocktails around. Serving spirits on ice is now an art form, and ice bars have the interior design and mixologists to help make the perfect spirits served on the rocks.

In true Vegas fashion, MGM Resorts has harnessed the power of a winter wonderland and turned it into a unique bar experience. Get ready for the coolest new way to party like you’ve never partied before at minus5°- an igloo-like ice bar at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. This bar conjures up your fantasy ice castle where everything inside is made of ice. No joke- everything. You name it and minus5° has got it in full frozen fashion. The walls, the chandeliers, the seats and even the glasses that you enjoy your beverage in, which is pretty handy when you think about it. If you want a frosted fantasy this ice bar fits the bill.

As per the usual fast-paced MGM Resorts style, minus5° is constantly creating new ice sculptures so things are always as fresh as it gets at the ice bar in Las Vegas. Worried about the cold? Don’t be. minus5° has thought of everything so you can make sure your polar cocktail session is as comfortable as possible. Once you purchase a packaged experience, minus5° will have you and your friends dressed to the nines with gloves and a warm parka or faux fur coat- whichever vibe you prefer.

Opportunities are endless inside the minus5° ice bar inside The Shoppes at Mandalay Place, which is full of interactive ice sculptures. The ice bar in Las Vegas puts on an actual LED light show, which is pretty lit if we’re being honest. Your ice bar experience, different from any other bar you have ever stepped foot in, tops it off with some upbeat jams bumping in the background that are really just the ICING on the cake (see what we did there?). The temperature in the ice bar is specifically set to refresh while you enjoy your time checking out the impressive ice architecture and find your favorite themed ice room. This premium ice attraction has a few other locations in cities across the United States, currently found in Las Vegas, New York City and Orlando.

Private Events

Seeing that minus5° is the coolest place to party, the Mandalay Bay location is the obvious choice for hosting your next private event. Decked out and remodeled with a totally new ice bar and ice lounge, minus5°'s Mandalay Bay location accommodates a whopping 500 guests. What could be more memorable than celebrating your 21st birthday at an ice bar in Las Vegas? Book this private space for your next big bash.

Ice Breaker Meetings

Have any upcoming business events and you’re struggling to balance work and fun? Here’s a cool idea, spend your meetings at an ice bar in Las Vegas. Not many people can say that they have done business at an ice bar, that’s for sure. minus5° at Mandalay Bay actually has Ice Breaker Meeting Rooms so you can combine your next powwow after your day at the convention with a cool minus5° experience in the Ice Bar.

Naturally, the minus5° ice bar experience has not taken long to become all the rage. When the weather is blistering hot, why choose to go to some regular old bar during your stay over an ice bar in Las Vegas? Chill with over 90 tons of ice while being enchanted by a wintery dreamland filled with crazy ice sculptures unlike anything you have ever seen. And do not worry about interrupting all of your fun to prove to your friends that this amazing place actually exists. There are professional photographers on site making sure your memories will last a lifetime. This special, one-of-a-kind bar in Las Vegas is sure to create some fun and unforgettable memories for you and your friends.

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