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Your Guide to Dayclubbing in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is best known for intense gambling, luxurious shopping, fine dining, unforgettable entertainment, and endless nightlife. But what about the day life? That’s right, from about March to September each year Vegas also put Dayclubs/Beach Clubs on the map, and do they know how to throw an epic party! Dayclubs are fun for both tourists and locals, and have proved to be the best spot to beat the desert heat. And, in our opinion, MGM Resorts host some of the best dayclubs on the strip:

  • 1. Daylight Beach Club

    At Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino: Here you will find your very own paradise in the middle of the desert, making you feel like you are truly on a tropical adventure. You can find the DJ spinning the best tracks on their elevated stage, while you enjoy one of the many pools, bungalows, or cabanas.


    Also, located at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, is the premiere “toptional” party at Moorea Beach Club. Moorea gives off a more relaxed vibe when it comes to the party scene. During the summer Moorea is a more private and chic way to enjoy the sun. Influenced by our neighbors’ across the pond, guests can choose to take part of the European-style bathing at Toptional Beach -- on your very own island in the desert. 

    During the winter months, Moorea becomes a family-friendly destination complete with firepits and s’mores!

  • 3. Wet Republic Ultra Pool

    At MGM Grand: Enjoy one of the biggest pools to party at while in Las Vegas. Prepare for endless dancing, drinks, and bikinis while also listening to some of the hottest DJs that make their presence in Vegas such as The Chainsmokers.

  • 4. LIQUID Pool Lounge

    At ARIA Resort & Casino: If you’re looking for VIP service and primetime seclusion, then we recommend checking out LIQUID located at ARIA. You will find yourself in the center of the action with palm trees surrounding you, two pools, and cool colors to create your very own desert oasis.

  • 5. Bare Pool Lounge

    At The Mirage Make your trip to Vegas a true Sin City experience, and head out to the adults-only Bare Pool Lounge at The Mirage. Enjoy a secluded pool surrounded by beautiful palm trees, and a more relaxing pool party when it comes to Vegas. So, grab a cocktail and enjoy the sweet sounds of Las Vegas entertainment.

  • 6. Temptation Sundays

    At Luxor Las Vegas: Temptation Sundays is the premiere gay pool party in Las Vegas. Only available during the summer months, this pool party is sexiest dayclub on The Strip. 2018 marks the ninth consecutive season of Temptation Sundays and we're sure there'll be many more to come.

    Join host J.Son of Nakedboynews.com, resident DJ Matt Lucio, and the Go Go Boys of Summer every Sunday through September at Luxor.

Tips for Dayclubbing in Las Vegas

This is just touching on some of the many dayclubs that Sin City has to offer. But, now that you know where to look for the best dayclubs, how do you prepare for them? Well, we’re here to help out with that as well. Check out some of these tips and tricks for surviving the day life in Vegas!

Bring proper identification.

This is a tip that can be used for not only dayclubs, but also anywhere you go in Vegas. Las Vegas has around 40 million visitors annually, and has seen it all when it comes to getting a drink or getting into the hottest nightclub. So, make sure that ID is always on your person!

Always remember to apply sunscreen and HYDRATE!

Let’s face the facts, you are in the desert and the desert gets hot. You need to make sure you are fully prepared to take on that desert sun from 11am to 6pm (the hottest time of the day). Water is definitely a must when spending the day on the Strip, and no we’re not talking about a vodka & water. It’s always wise to alternate drinks with a bottle of water to keep you going long into the night.

Avoid waiting in lines and get a cabana.

If you truly want to have a Vegas experience, then check out the cabanas and bungalows before heading to the club. Enjoy bottle service, VIP tables that are poolside and equipped with your very own server, and party the right way while staying in Vegas.

Don’t bring a huge beach bag.

Vegas pools are not your average poolside experience. Vegas pools are the same as nightclubs, but in the sun. So, when you head to a dayclub you will have to keep an eye on your personal belongs. We recommend heading to the pool with something smaller, so you are free to dance the day away! All bags are also checked, so if you want to avoid an airport security experience then pack light.

Dress to impress.

Here dayclubs are not your normally trip to the hotel pool. Dayclubs are huge parties hosting some of the hottest DJs, where celebrities may be present. Ladies, feel free to wear your flashiest bikini, and an over-the-top cover-up! Men, get creative and fun with your trunks, but being in water all day, you may want to avoid baggy & long. The dayclub is for being seen and who knows who you might run into?

Take a power nap.

After the pool party has come to an end, there will be a little bit of down time. Use this time to rejuvenate and prepare for a Vegas nightlife experience at one of the many famous nightclubs. A nap will assure that you are ready for more dancing, more drinking, and overall, more Vegas!

Now that you know where to go and what to prepare for, you are ready to take on the Las Vegas Dayclub scene! Get ready for a day that you will never forget and memories that will last a lifetime.

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