At MGM Resorts we have made great strides in reducing our natural resource consumption through Green Advantage initiatives. We work diligently to do more with less. Over the past five years, MGM Resorts has achieved total savings of 823,000 MMBtu of natural gas. Despite our monumental successes, we continue to implement progressive solutions that conserve our precious natural resources.

Our tangible reductions in energy and water use are made possible through region-specific operating improvements, workforce education, community and business partnerships, and ongoing progress monitoring.

Electricity Usage:
In 2013 MGM Resorts International's domestic operations used over 24 million fewer kilowatt hours of electricity as compared to 2012. By executing strategic investments in energy saving initiatives, while continuously examining ways to do more with less in operational practices, we have saved a cumulative total of more than 383 million kilowatt hours of electricity since 2008. We look forward to future energy conservation efforts as a key driver in reducing the impact of company operations on our natural environment.

Water Usage:
The domestic properties of MGM Resorts, excluding CityCenter, have saved a cumulative total of over 1.2 billion gallons of water since 2008. This is a result of a comprehensive review of operational practices, as well as strategic investments in things such as drought-tolerant and native landscaping. CityCenter, with its six LEED

Employee Profile

Russ Hurry
Executive Chef, MGM Grand Las Vegas

“At MGM Grand Las Vegas, we not only value our guests but also our planet. We have successfully implemented various energy and water saving initiatives throughout our operations. For example, to minimize water waste we have implemented food thawing procedures and installed low-flow equipment.”

Case Study
Shining a Little Brighter and Greener

In 2012, MGM Resorts International and the Corporate Sustainability Division initiated a major lighting retrofit at MGM Grand Detroit. The retrofit is among the largest of its kind within the United States. Spanning across 2.65 million square feet (61 acres and 7,300 parking spots), the project will include the replacement of 3,117 high intensity discharge fixtures located throughout the property's garage.

The replacement of 43 watt light-emitting diodes (LEDs) is projected to save 4 million annual kWh, equivalent to 7% of the property's overall energy consumption. On average, this is comparable to the annual energy usage of 330 U.S. homes.