Our beautiful resorts are the perfect combination of an unparalleled guest experience and efficiency. At MGM Resorts, we are constantly working to improve our resorts with a focus on where we can conserve natural resources. We are uniquely situated to not only take advantage of our sustainable progress, but to help drive innovation in the green building and hospitality industry.

CityCenter, the largest sustainable development in the world, includes a 4,000 room resort, 700,000 square foot conference center, two condo-hotels, two residential towers, and a retail shopping district which have all received 6 LEED Gold Awards from the US Green Building Council. CityCenter was designed to be water-smart and to provide staying guests with a 30% reduction in carbon, when compared to typical resorts.

While CityCenter set a standard for green building and design in Las Vegas and throughout the world, at all of our existing facilities we are committed to continuously integrating elements of green building through maintenance, renovations and remodels. Fifteen MGM Resorts properties have been awarded Green Key Global Eco-Ratings for conservation including five properties receiving the prestigious “5 Keys”.

Better Buildings Challenge
MGM Resorts operates as an energy-efficient company, which significantly reduces our environmental impact while providing value to the communities in which we operate. In 2014, we committed to improving our energy performance by achieving a 20 percent reduction in energy intensity by 2020. We strive to implement innovative solutions in resource management. We focus on operational efficiency and stakeholder engagement and are actively involved with the Department of Energy Better Building Challenge program.

Through our partnership, we are dedicated to improving energy performance across 12 properties, which represents 78 million square feet. Portfoliowide, MGM Resorts has improved energy intensity by 3.4 percent, with MGM Grand Detroit achieving a 12.2 percent reduction.

We have been working with the DOE since 2008 when we were invited to join the steering committee of the Better Buildings Alliance.

  • 15 MGM Resorts' properties have been certified through Green Key Global's Eco-Rating Program. Mandalay Bay, ARIA and Vdara earned a Five-Key rating, an elite certification granted to less than 2% of Green Key's 2,500 participating properties. In addition MGM Resorts' is home to five properties earning 5-Keys in Green Key Meetings.
  • 13 MGM Resorts' properties have earned TripAdvisor's GreenLeaders certification. ARIA Resort & Casino and Vdara Hotel & Spa each received a Platinum designation – denoting the highest level of environmental responsibility, an achievement earned by less than 7% of participants.
  • Bellagio engineers designed and created an underwater LED light, for the front lake feature, which uses 75% less energy.
  • In 2013, more than 160 acres of exterior lighting area were upgraded to high efficiency technology, reducing energy consumption by more than 70%.
  • The Mandalay Bay Convention Center designed and developed an intelligent lighting control platform that is now a model for the meetings and convention industry, saving enough energy to power 400 average US homes.

LEED GoldGreen Key Eco-Rating ProgramTripadvisor Green Leaders

Employee Profile

Michael Dominguez
Senior Vice President of Sales

“Now, more than ever, the Meeting Planner community is seeking innovative, sustainable solutions when hosting its events. As this is an integral part of the meeting planner organization’s objectives, we are extremely proud to be a solution provider meeting environmental expectations while still providing world-class, award-winning service.”

Case Study
Central Planet Retro-Commissioning

With over 82.6 million square feet in our portfolio, we recognize the responsibility of not only operating sustainably, but ensuring that MGM Resorts' properties are developed and renovated with best practices in the green building industry. In an effort to optimize our energy consumption, we partnered with energy engineers to determine opportunities in efficiency and retrofits.

Following a detailed assessment of all Las Vegas properties, six properties have undergone retrocommissioning of established central plants. On our journey to achieve smarter buildings, we are committed to implementing leading-edge retro-commissioning efforts across remaining properties.