We recognize the opportunity to reduce our environmental footprint by implementing dynamic recycling and waste management programs. Our custom and comprehensive programs benefit our resorts and communities by decreasing landfilling waste and promoting the development of local recycling facilities. The responsible waste management efforts of MGM Resorts allow guests to promote their own sustainable lifestyle and philosophy while visiting our properties.

We have designed our recycling programs to make a difference that lasts for generations by diverting a wide-variety of materials from landfills and seeking responsible, innovative solutions for handling non-recyclable items. At MGM Resorts we are dedicated to recycling commodities such as plastic, glass, paper, cardboard, metal, oil, construction debris, electronics, and even unique materials like player cards, cork, food and plant waste.

Recycling Management:
In 2013, MGM Resorts achieved an annual diversion rate of 52.6% by diverting nearly 65,000 tons of materials from landfills. Through strategic partnerships with nonprofits, contracted recycling experts, and onproperty management we have implemented innovative solutions and trainings that have allowed us to exceed our goal of a 50% diversion rate by the end of 2013.

  • Successfully exceeded 2013 goal of 50% by recycling 26.9% more materials than in 2008. Achieved at 52.6% recycling rate in 2013.
  • Recycled 65,000 tons of materials in 2013, nearly 10,000 more than in 2012.
  • Mitigated nearly 80,000 metric tons of CO2E emissions by diverting waste through new and innovative solutions.
Green Recycling Chart

Employee Profile

Christopher Peisert
Director of Hotel Services, Bellagio

“Our robust recycling programs make good business sense for both environmental stewardship as well as the bottom line. By separating recyclable items, undamaged goods are salvaged in the process. In some cases, the combined savings can offset our entire waste management expense.”

Case Study
Recycling Efforts Fueling Nonprofits

We recognize our responsibility to properly manage the waste produced by our properties. More importantly, we understand that the community shares in the success of our recycling programs. By partnering with Las Vegas nonprofits, we have developed unique recycling initiatives which aid in the diversion of difficult materials while providing the community with employment opportunities.

In mid-2012, in partnership with the Blind Center, The Mirage started recycling plastic room key and player cards.

Approximately 400,000 shredded cards have been repurposed for PVC piping, picture frames and wire insulation. In 2012 alone, MGM Resorts’ properties and corporate entities have donated 8,190 pounds of post-convention materials and equipment to the Teacher Exchange program. Donated materials have been repurposed throughout the Clark County School District for student education and curriculum assistance.