We have developed a strategic approach to greening the supply chain of our properties and corporate offices, from production, to delivery, to the use of the product and disposal. This means we are considering the entire lifecycle of the products that we buy and use every day, and identifying ways to reduce the environmental impacts of each portion of the cycle. In order to make smarter buying decisions, MGM Resorts considers raw materials, logistics, and the overall performance of a product. This comprehensive approach encourages positive collaboration between our resorts and suppliers. Fostering these relationships not only helps MGM Resorts reduce its environmental footprint, but promotes the adoption of more sustainable processes and products among our suppliers.

  • MGM Resorts began the installation of 28 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across Las Vegas properties and at Circus Circus Reno.
  • Over 2,300,000 ounces of condiments are now provided by bulk containers. Instead of single-use packs through strategic sourcing practices.
  • 6-EPA certified compressed natural gas (CNG) Cadillac Escalades were unveiled in 2013.
  • In 2014, MGM Resorts installed 14 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations which resulted in 3,200 charging sessions.
  • MGM Resorts introduced 31 compressed natural gas (CNG) Cadillac XTS limousines into our transportation portfolio.

Employee Profile

Crystal Terwilliger
National Sales Manager, MGM Grand Las Vegas

“I am proud to work for a Company that considers the environmental impact of their business practices. Also, as a salesperson for the Company, it gives me a competitive advantage over other hotel companies and makes it easier to do my job.”

Case Study
Environmental Health and Wellness

At MGM Resorts, we value the health of our employees and guests, which is why we are committed to using natural and nontoxic chemicals and solutions, whenever possible.

With over 48,000 hotel rooms and 17 resorts in our company profile, we do a lot of cleaning and maintenance. To ensure that the experience of our hotel guests is not hindered by poor indoor air quality or potential allergens, our Guest Room Attendants utilize cleaners, detergents and disinfectants that are environmentally sound and even biodegradable. In addition, our properties strive to provide our guests with natural and organic amenities.

In 2012, the Corporate Sustainability Division recognized an opportunity to partner with Purell to provide guests, in addition to company employees, with a natural and biodegradable hand sanitizing solution. Green Advantage “Clean and Green” dispensers can be found throughout our hotels, convention spaces and corporate offices.