Volunteers help out for Martin Luther King Jr. National Day of Service

Nearly 60 Company employees from all over the Company, many with friends and family, teamed up for Martin Luther King Jr. National Day of Service, to work on the MGM Resorts-sponsored Habitat for Humanity house and help clean up and beautify the surrounding neighborhood. This is the third consecutive year that the Company has sponsored group volunteer activities as part of the National Day of Service.

"It really shows the commitment of the employees that they want to come out and get involved," said Philanthropy Manager Christina Leathers. "Our employees love to stay active, so a service opportunity like this is exactly the kind of thing that they enjoy doing."

On the Habitat for Humanity house building site, volunteers helped hang drywall and hammer nails. Now fully framed in with roof and interior walls, the house has come a long way since last October's framing day kick-off event. Out in the surrounding neighborhood, more volunteers painted over graffiti on block walls and picked up litter in yards and along the streets.

"We really hope the neighbors see the improvements and want to help pitch in to keep the area looking good," said Ms. Leathers. "It's great having the chance to work on more than just the Habitat House. I think it shows we're about caring for the neighborhood and more than just our own project."

Employee volunteers from up and down The Strip turned out, taking the opportunity to not only serve their community, but also build their relationships with one another outside of the office. Andrea Feldberg, ARIA Special Events Manager, has volunteered her time before at Lied Animal Shelter and as a UNLV mentor, but this is the first time she was able to work alongside her coworkers on a group volunteer project.

"Our executive director thought it would be a great idea for team building to help out the community," said Ms. Feldberg. "Being out here with other members of our team is really great. It gives us a chance to positively represent the Company that does so much for us."