MGM Resorts earns perfect score for its LGBT employee policies and benefits for second year in a row

Use a programmable thermostat. Actually read your water bill. Keep plants in your work station. Visit a farmers market in your area.

Chances are, you already do one or more of these things. If so, you’re ahead of the game on MY Green Advantage, a new social sustainability website now available to MGM Resorts employees. Beau Rivage and Gold Strike Tunica were the first to officially introduce the new platform this summer. Corporate employees and CityCenter team members recently followed suit. This year, employees from across MGM Resorts will be using MY Green Advantage to learn about and track easy sustainable actions they can take at work and at home.

“I’m absolutely impressed by the way employees are embracing this tool. We’re finding out just how many employees have a true passion for sustainability – something we’d never have known if not for this new website,” said MGM Resorts Director of Sustainable Operations Sarah Moore.

MY Green Advantage is a new social media-style site for employees that focuses entirely on being green. Users make profiles, upload pictures, and complete “projects” and “actions” that relate to sustainability. Each task earns employees points and virtual badges along the way, and participants can invite other friends to join in and comment on their activity. The site also gives collective data about the real-world impacts of those actions, which is how we know, for example, that ARIA employees’ efforts saved enough water to fill over 6,000 bathtubs.

After three weeks of participating, ARIA Concierge Brian Wiltshire racked up more than 3,000 points on the website, incorporating some of the website’s suggested green “actions” into his everyday routine at home.

“I’m somewhat green-conscious just because of the hotel I work in, and this (new website) has helped me so much more,” he said. “I try to take one or two things home with me every day if I can.”

The site offers simple tips by the hundreds for conserving resources, making more sustainable consumer choices, and more.

“I turned up the thermostat a few degrees so the air conditioning doesn’t run quite as much. When I’m shaving, I stop the drain and let the sink partially fill with water so I’m not running the faucet the entire time,” said Mr. Wiltshire. “Those are pretty easy things to incorporate.”

Jeff Abel, Construction Project Manager for Beau Rivage and Gold Strike Tunica, and the chair of both resorts’ green teams, was instrumental in launching the successful pilot program in Mississippi.

“It gives you valuable insight into things you already do but might not generally think of as ‘green’,” said Mr. Abel. “And you get to see what others are doing. There are employees on our horticulture team who are heavily into it – I always knew they did some green things, but I never really realized how much, which is great. As more and more properties get into and we create some cross-property communication and competition, I predict it will pick up even more.”

The social aspect is one of the most exciting things about the new website, as it allows like-minded individuals to build green-oriented communities of colleagues online, said Ms. Moore.

“Those who are passionate about it are uploading photos, commenting, sharing ideas and recommendations – employees are naturally becoming our sustainability ambassadors,” she said. “We hope this site will help make sustainability more approachable to everyone. And, down the road, this will become one of primary channels we use to educate employees and communicate about sustainability to our employees.”