Investing in Community

We contribute meaningfully to the social and economic progress of the communities where we operate. Our projects aim to reflect, sustain and build on the best of a community, creating good jobs, strong wages, resilient skills and workforce development opportunities for diverse communities of people.

Workforce Development

Expand pathways to economic security for our communities workforce.

Community Development

We provide economic opportunity and enhance the social and cultural fabric in the communities where we operate.

Responsible Gaming

Promote responsible gaming practices and tools that keep gambling safe, fun, and entertaining. 

Goals for 2025

Expand our support of nonprofit workforce development and education programs from 25% to 40%

Award 600 post-secondary scholarships to children of employees

MGM Resorts Careers

MGM Resorts International believes in providing opportunity for every employee to grow, develop and succeed in a work environment where you can be your best. We encourage you to explore our job opportunities.