The Success of Green Advantage

The foundation of the Green Advantage's success lies within employee engagement, education and development. At MGM Resorts, we are dedicated to supporting and developing our employees' sustainable lifestyle at home and at work. In 2014, we empowered our 62,000 employees to leave a positive, sustainable impact through an innovative engagement application, MY Green Advantage.

MY Green Advantage is an online, social application that challenges and encourages our employees to make smarter choices and lifestyle changes with environmental responsibility in mind. This custom application has been specifically designed to connect MGM Resorts' employees across all of our properties via web browser or mobile device. MY Green Advantage showcases and recommends unique, behavior-changing actions such as regional energy incentives, local outdoor recreational and volunteer opportunities and various best practices associated with employees' personal aspirations within environmental sustainability.

Through friendly competition among 21 teams, our MY Green Advantage participants have made huge strides in conserving our planet's natural resources. Since the launch of the program, MGM Resorts' active employees have collectively saved over 57 million gallons of water, 789 dumpsters worth of trash and enough energy to power New York City for 16,980 seconds. With employee participation on the rise, we anticipate even bigger milestones and achievements in 2015.

As a leader in sustainability, MGM Resorts is committed to further enhancing the MY Green Advantage application. By developing new and engaging content through the platform, we will expand the use of MY Green Advantage to tie actions, projects and activities into driving behavioral changes and environmental reductions in functional areas such as retail, hotel, restaurants and even casinos.

Empowering our employees in new ways to take positive steps toward reducing our environmental impact will further support our commitment to setting global standards for sustainability by engaging the communities in which we operate.

Green Meetings

In 2014, MGM Resorts launched the Green Advantage Meetings program. Through this program our meeting clients are able to customize and incorporate sustainability into all elements of their planning and execution process to minimize and measure their environmental impact.

16 Teams

Our Company is home to 16 green teams, which are composed of
diverse departments and individuals. Each team works diligently to drive
green initiatives across their property's culture and operations.

Friends of Nevada Wilderness

Through a partnership with Friends of Nevada Wilderness, a
nonprofit agency focused on preserving wilderness, MGM Resorts' employees
volunteer in hands-on restoration projects to make sure the next generation
will still benefit from wild places.