Supply Chain

Sustainable Supply Chain

We have developed a strategic approach to greening the supply chain of our properties and corporate offices, from production, to delivery, to the use of the product and disposal. This means we are considering the entire lifecycle of the products that we buy and use every day, and identifying ways to reduce the environmental impacts of each portion of the cycle. In order to make smarter buying decisions, MGM Resorts considers raw materials, logistics and the overall performance of a product. This comprehensive approach encourages positive collaboration between our resorts and suppliers. Fostering these relationships not only helps MGM Resorts reduce its environmental footprint, but promotes the adoption of more sustainable processes and products among our suppliers.

One example of how we use sustainable products throughout Food and Beverage venues is Della's Kitchen at Mandalay Bay, a newly remodeled restaurant, which features local and seasonal ingredients, bamboo furniture and glassware made out of reclaimed materials.

MGM Resorts engages service and product providers in sustainability by establishing environmental standards during the bidding and contracting process. This best practice promotes our sustainable supply chain, while supporting the environmental platform of our partners.

Key Facts

  • In 2014, MGM Resorts installed electric vehicle charging stations across 14 locations, which resulted in 3,200 charging sessions.
  • MGM Resorts introduced 31 compressed natural gas (CNG) Cadillac XTS limousines into our transportation portfolio.

Case Study

Environmental Health and Wellness

Parallel to our guest-facing sustainability initiatives and advancements are the enhancements and improvements MGM Resorts is making to the corporate and Company offices through technological advancements and responsible product sourcing. We believe that a more efficient and ecofriendly work environment engages and inspires our employees to play an active role in the Green Advantage.

In 2014, MGM Resorts relocated approximately 3,000 corporate employees to a centralized complex, with sustainability in mind. With this relocation, we were able to divert 82 percent of what made up the previous site, which included construction materials, infrastructure and even reclaimed landscaping. The new corporate campus includes sustainable features such as efficient lighting, recycled content, recycling stations and sustainable furnishings, with no VOC carpeting or wall décor.

Additional design elements take advantage of outdoor spaces and natural lighting. To support the initiative, the Corporate Sustainability Division recently executed an LED retrofit, which resulted in the installation of smart sensor and wireless fixtures throughout corporate offices. This project allows for energy savings and employee lighting comfort through control settings.

"One of the key successes in the Corporate Campus project was our focus on the reuse of working building components such as air conditioning units, light boxes, networking and wireless equipment, exterior signage, doors and locks and shading components. We also focused on repurposing and donating furnishings to local nonprofits."

Cindy Wild
Director of Construction Development,
MGM Resorts International