The Supplier Diversity Mentorship Program

About the Supplier Diversity Mentorship Program

The MGM Resorts Supplier Diversity Mentorship Program is an eight-month focused strategy where certified diverse-owned business leaders are provided the opportunity and tools to enhance operational efficiencies, harness financial management, elevate leadership acumen and glean leading best practices.

Diverse-owned businesses accepted into the program will be paired with an MGM Resorts executive mentor for one-on-one engagement. They will cultivate lasting relationships with MGM Resorts, community partners and other certified diverse-owned businesses. The goal of the program is to enhance business knowledge and best practices to future develop diverse owned business operations, elevate awareness of how diverse-owned businesses provide value to the supply chain and community.

Our goal is to graduate 150 diverse-owned businesses from the Supplier Diversity Mentorship Program by 2025. 


“MGM Resorts International exemplifies a corporation with inclusion and diversity at its core. They not only talk about inclusion and diversity but follow it up with actions and accountability. We have grown as much as we have and have had a much success as we have because we have a corporate partner in MGM Resorts.” –Boss Oroke, owner and manager, BB Mechanical, LLC

“MGM Resorts gave me the necessary tools to be better at my job. Empowered with knowledge and confidence, I am stronger against obstacles.” –Cristina Tufts, owner, Harbor Wines 

“Park Cleaners has benefited in many ways since we teamed up with MGM Resorts International. We have gone from learning how to set and implement our own standards, to setting industry standards with the training opportunities we received through their Supplier Diversity Mentorship Program. Our team received expert coaching to help bring this company to The Next Level. Our community is better because we have great jobs with flexible shifts to offer our neighbors. We have been able to increase our capabilities during the most difficult economical periods in recent history. I’m confident our success is attributed to the support provided by MGMRI’s Supplier Diversity Mentorship Program.” –Rebeca Merigian, CEO, Park Cleaners, Inc.

“Currently, I am in the MGM Resorts International Supplier Diversity Mentorship Program that will equip my business to be ready to partner with other major corporations around the globe. Outside of MGM Resorts, there would be no perceivable opportunity to access this type of extensive training and operational readiness for my business.” –Toya Mitchell, president, Lord & Mitchell 

Program Eligibility

  • Valid business certification as proof of diverse ownership
  • Operates within industries procured by MGM Resorts International or BetMGM
  • $500K minimum total annual sales
  • Signed commitment letter, waivers and NDA
  • One-time business assessment fee

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Application period for class of 2024: January 30-March 1, 2024

Our Approach

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

We operate with integrity and strategic focus.

Fostering Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We are committed to an inclusive and diverse culture for our employees, guests, community partners and stakeholders.

Protecting the Planet

We work to ensure our operations are environmentally sustainable.

Investing in Our Communities

We are invested in growing and supporting strong communities.

More Information

Social Impact & Sustainability Reports

Each year we are proud to showcase these commitments by highlighting the work we do today and the goals we aim to achieve.

ESG Policies

We have a number of ESG-related policies in place to formalize and operationalize our efforts.

ESG Disclosures

In addition to our company’s self-selected metrics and goals, we also provide disclosures aligned to a number of prevailing third-party ESG frameworks.

Awards and Recognition

MGM Resorts International is honored when organizations recognize our Company’s efforts in diversity, philanthropy and environmental sustainability.