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Welcome to the world of MGM Resorts International®, with 13 major resorts on the Las Vegas Strip and additional properties in Nevada, Mississippi, Michigan and China, we offer a broad range of meeting and convention venues to make every size of event successful. Whether you need 1.7 million square feet or just one single meeting room, you can be certain to enjoy individualized service provided by the hospitality industry's top talent. Because our experience and expertise in this business is unrivaled, we understand better than anyone your specialized needs and your company's high expectations. Work with our event planners for your next meeting in Las Vegas.

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Convention Network Services

Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to connect an entire building with a single wireless LAN. Our network is nothing short of super.

MGM Resorts International is the only hospitality organization in North America with this type of technology. Which makes our convention destinations the only places in Vegas where you and your attendees can experience a user-centered, no-hassle, completely liberating network connection. You even have the ability to create fully customizable experiences at faster speeds with complete VLAN integration and marketing solutions. It’s so state-of-the-art we had to have Cisco Systems build it. If you’re not up-to-speed with the broadband, gigahertz mumbo-jumbo, all you need to know is that we’ll manage and enhance the digital side of your event better than anyone.


Event Production & Design

If looks could kill, we’d be serving multiple life sentences. Thankfully they don’t, but the right look can lock up your event’s success even before the first guest arrives. Getting that edge is important. So much so that we’ve gone to great lengths to find the best production and design gurus out there. These people know more about audio and visual tech than Bubba knew about shrimpin’. One thing is for sure-our team can make one heck of a blockbuster out of your event.

Need some credentials? For starters, more than 12,000 corporate and social events are held annually at our properties. And, you know what? We’re involved in every single one of them. From galas to gatherings, it’s all in our wheelhouse. And we only hit homers. Who wouldn’t want to plug into a level of expertise like that?

Trade Show & Exhibit ServicesIn a trade show or large convention, standing out in the maze of booths can be tough. But we’re never one to back down from a challenge. In fact, making you look like the big cheese of the show is something we do best.

Imagine a full-scale production compressed into your booth. We can do that. Complete with digital signage, monitors, rigging, audiovisual equipment, and our all-hands-on-deck-attitude. Pick and choose what best suits your goals, and pick our brain while you’re at it. We want to work with you to drive foot traffic straight to your showroom doorstep-giving you the freedom to network, cultivate new business and have a phenomenal time simply working it.

MGM Resorts Event Services

Emotion, Engagement, Impact.

With a full staff of artisans, designers, planners, entertainers and logistics personnel, we assemble many elements for amazing events. Much like 19th century Impressionist painters who applied color to canvas with small, seemingly unrelated dashes of paint, we bring it all together in a way that, once one sees the whole picture, reveals a complete masterwork. Through our dual perspectives of efficiency and imagination, we create events of every size and scale.

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