Get the Close Shave at a Traditional Barber Shop

Have you ever watched one of those old-school mafia movies depicting one of the good fellas getting a straight razor shave from his favorite barber, all while conducting some covert shady business with one of his other mafia associates? Looks intense, right? You most likely found yourself thinking, “Man, you couldn’t pay me enough to willingly sit down and expose my neck and face to that shaky-handed, rusty razor-toting wise guy!” Well, it turns out that this time-honored tradition, coupled with a flawless haircut from a well-trained master barber can leave you feeling like you just had the manly version of a day at the spa. And where better than Las Vegas to take in that mobster-esque experience to get a traditional shave? While it may cost you more than two bits now, we’ve got three of the best barber shops in Las Vegas for men’s shave and a haircut.

The Art of Shaving, Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

Located at The Shoppes at Mandalay Place, The Art of Shaving is a top choice when it comes to male grooming. It is a classically inspired barbershop combining traditional services with aromatherapy skin treatments. Offering Haircuts, Straight-Razor Shaves and an impressive retail section with a wide collection of natural shaving and skin care products, The Art of Shaving could easily be considered one of the best barbershops in Las Vegas. In addition to their timeless shaving services reminiscent of old-school barber shops, The Art of Shaving offers exceptional men’s haircuts performed by master barbers in addition to their incredible line of male grooming products available for purchase in the retail section.

The Art of Shaving’s best and most popular available service is most assuredly the 45-minute Royal Shave. The Royal Shave begins with a traditional-style reclining leather seat, in a room with dark wood tones and classic jazz playing in the background. After a hot towel designed to open up your skin’s pores, a hands-on message with a pre-shave oil designed to soften up your whiskers and a warm shaving cream applied with an authentic badger-hair brush, the real work gets underway. Recipients of this signature service experience two expertly executed passes with a straight razor from a master barber before getting a rejuvenating package that includes - a cooling after-shave mask, a cold lavender oil-infused towel wrap and a facial spritzing with bracing rose water and rubbed with a protective after-shave balm.

The Barbershop at MGM Grand, MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

Located in The Grand Spa, The Barbershop at MGM Grand is another exceptional hair salon men have grown to trust over the years due to its impeccable service and high quality products. Much like The Art of Shaving, it has traditionally-inspired décor and an old-school vibe coupled with modern luxuries. Boasting comfortable leather chairs, brick wall finishes and a wall-mounted flat screen TV equipped with an Xbox in the waiting room, The Barbershop at MGM Grand is a great escape for anyone looking for the perfect man cave away from home.

Available offerings include The Aristo Cut (gentlemen’s shave and a man’s haircut), the “Man”icure (putting the man back in manicure, while sipping a cold ale), Bourbon Foot Repair (brown sugar and Kentucky whiskey foot treatment), the UFC (Ultimate Facial Cleanse), and the Invigorating Ice Bath (letting the cold temperature of ice tighten blood vessels and flush out toxins).

The Spa & Salon at ARIA Resort & Casino

The Spa and Salon at ARIA is another wonderful option for anyone looking to relax and refresh. The Salon at ARIA offers a variety of men’s barbershop services including the Mustache and Beard Trim, the Barber Traditional Shave, the Head Shave, the Men’s Haircut, the Royal Shave and the Detox Treatment Haircut. With all of these exceptional services you will undoubtedly come away feeling fresh, clean and handsome. The Spa is catered towards much more of a co-ed oriented experience, that can be best enjoyed with your significant other. While many other spas have a separate men’s and women’s spaces, ARIA boasts a co-ed spa space that is ideal for couples looking for a shared rejuvenation. Available co-ed offerings include the Ganbanyoku Heated Stone Beds, the Shio Salt Room, the Outdoor Therapy Pool and the Fireside Lounge. Regardless of which services you choose, you will come away feeling like a new and replenished man.

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