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Wellness on The Strip

Take the spa life to the next level with a wellness vacation at MGM Resorts spas and fitness centers in Las Vegas. Experience wellness in a whole new way and stay healthier and happier away from home. Our world-famous spas such as The Spa at Vdara, BATHHOUSE at Delano Las Vegas, and Spa Bellagio bring in an array of eco-friendly and invigorating experiences for Las Vegas locals and our vacationing guests. Our spa resorts offer brag-worthy amenities that allow guests to make up for a day of mouth-watering indulgences that make Las Vegas such a unique destination.

Allow us to introduce to you… Wellness on The Strip.


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The Most Luxurious Spas in Las Vegas

With all the partying in Vegas, it’s nice to have one day at the spa for total relaxation. Here are some of the best and most luxurious spa resorts in Vegas.

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Affordable Luxury Spas in Las Vegas

While Las Vegas is an escape for many, some need an escape from it all. MGM Resorts shares how to enjoy a luxury spa experience at affordable spa prices!

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Your Guide to Dayclubbing in Las Vegas

The best Dayclubs in Las Vegas bring you the pool parties you'll ever see. Find the hottest destinations to cool off in the desert. Prepare for an unforgettable day!

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10 Things to Do in Las Vegas

Ready to travel to Vegas, but need the ultimate list to check off while…

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