10 Things to Do in Las Vegas

Gone are the days of only having a travel agent plan out a trip’s itinerary. Now you can search on your own to find a vacation that best suites you. Thankfully, you’re here with us at MGM Resorts! We've organized this list below to assist you in your search for the best things to do in Las Vegas.

  • 1. Walk The Strip, See Free Sights

    The Fountains at Bellagio Hotel & Casino are a spectacular show of thoughtfully interwoven water, music and light designed to mesmerize its admirers. It is the most ambitious, choreographically complex water feature ever conceived and it’s absolutely free for any visitor to enjoy. 

  • 2. Find a Hidden Gem

    Once you become that friend who gives a recommendation so unheard of and so successful, you can probably get your “Vegas insider” card. Finding a hidden gem in this city can vary as much as a personality can, and because the city was built on personalities, there are lots to choose from. Even when selecting where to stay, there are gems to be found. While only a short walk from iconic resorts Bellagio, ARIA and Park MGM Las Vegas, Vdara offers a secluded sanctuary for those who want a retreat from the energy of Sin City. Vdara is dog friendly and even welcomes man’s best friend with a freshly baked dog treat from a local bakery. The resort has its own 24-hour dog park right outside of the hotel and provides dog-sitting services, so furry friends are never left alone.

  • 3. Get Wild in the Club

    From the top DJs in the world to the coolest bars in town, MGM Resorts has a number of clubs to keep your party side wild. From happy hour on through a night of bottle service, there is a night full of high-class debauchery everywhere here in Las Vegas. Head over to LIGHT Nightclub in the Mandalay Bay where some of the biggest names in music come to play.DJ Mustard, J Cole and Metro Boomin to name a few, are sure to make your feet move towards the dance floor.

  • 4. Discover The Best Bars on The Strip

    Bar life, much like the rest of Vegas, never sleeps. There are bars that are open 24 hours a day. Bars made up completely of ice. There are bars to feed the craving for a stiff drink and a complementary cigar. And, there are bars focused solely on sports, live music, or mixing up the best craft cocktails, which helps them stand apart from rest of the pack. Breaking down the best bars in Las Vegas takes careful consideration, but we’ve selected a few places to add to your ever-growing list.”

  • 5. See World-Class Entertainment

    The biggest name in the game has to be Cirque du Soleil, with 7 resident shows at any given time and even some touring shows stopping here. Comedy abounds at venues like Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club at MGM Grand. With brand new concert venues like the T-Mobile Arena or Park Theater, there will be a constantly-evolving marquee of amazing talent to catch during your next visit.

  • 6. Find a Breathtaking View

    Though shimmering lights and ringing slot machines usually dominate the mental picture of what Vegas is, there is also endless natural beauty and breathtaking sights to be discovered. Catch a glimpse of all of it from places like Skyfall Lounge at Delano or The Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay. Both locations combine a panoramic overlook of the city, dramatic interiors, chill out sounds, creative plates and artisan cocktails.

  • 7. Treat Your Mind, Body & Soul

    All that walking, dancing, drinking & eating can take a toll on your body, and sometimes some self-love is just what the Vegas doctor ordered. Spa treatments can be as simple as a 50 minute massage or rejuvenating facial, but can be as elaborate as the “On The Rocks” signature body treatment at The Spa at Vdara. (Which also features a delicious smoothie bar!) 

    If constant wellness is more your speed, look no further than our Stay Well Rooms, which use wellness technologies from Delos, Cleveland Clinic and Deepak Chopra. A Vitamin C infused shower? That’s bound to wash off any crazy adventures you’ve had during your trip. 

  • 8. Order In with Room Service

    Sometimes one of the best things to do on a visit to Sin City is to hole up in the lap of luxury and do, well…nothing. With beds so inviting, pillows so soft, and fluffy comforters, it’s a miracle anyone actually gets out of their rooms to play tourist. Another reason to stay in is because indulgence is only a page away when you pick up an in-room dining menu. Bellagio Hotel & Casino is a pro at doing in-room dining right, and famous for their unique offerings such as a selection of macaroons, antipasto selections and personalized birthday cakes.

  • 9. Win Some Cash

    No matter what your game, you’re bound to find something on a Vegas casino floor to try your luck on. Whether you’re a novice gambler and just want to put $5 in a slot machine, or a pro looking to grab a seat during a poker tournament, all you need to do is grab your cash and practice your good-luck dance. There’s no other feeling quite like being around a craps table that’s heating up, drinks clinking and someone’s night/week/year is changed with one throw of the dice. Doesn’t matter the budget, but everyone needs to pay homage to Lady Luck at least once in their life to be a true Vegas enthusiast. 

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  • 10. Shop Till You Drop

    After those winnings are made, it’s time to deck yourself out at the shops of your dreams. Browsing or buying our shops are the epicenter of style and retail sophistication. Wherever you go, we have what you are looking for. Our diverse collection of shops includes fine jewelry, gifts, souvenirs, and men’s and women’s fashions.

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