How to Qualify

Play at any MGM Rewards Destination and your play or Tier level could qualify you to be invited to our exciting Slot Tournaments.

Types of Tournaments

Pay tournament typically has CASH payouts.

FREE tournament has FREEPLAY® payouts.

Tournaments May Include

Complimentary Hotel Accommodations

FREE Food and beverage during event

Live Entertainment


Holiday Gift Shoppe Points

What to Expect

Both tournament types will include multiple rounds of play on our special tournament machines.

After all rounds are played scores are calculated to determine final winner rankings.

Increase Your Odds of Winning

We often offer rebuy rounds to replace your lowest score and/or wild card drawings that can advance you to the final round.

MGM Resorts Slot Series

The more MGM Resorts Slot Series Tournaments you play in the more Medallions you will earn giving you the chance to win $25,000 FREEPLAY up to $200,000 CASH.  

MGM Resorts Slot Series

Don’t miss out on these fun-filled events. Contact your Marketing Executive or MGM Rewards VIP Service to get in on the action.

Slot Tournament - FAQ’s

In a slot tournament, players compete against each other to win large CASH or FREEPLAY® prizes by accumulating the highest score during multiple rounds of tournament play.

  • Tournament machines are just like live money slot machines played on the casino floor, but tournament machines are set into “tournament mode,” so that players will not put any money into a tournament machine or take any money out of it.
  • Tournament machines are set on a countdown timer for each round of play. Players are given unlimited “max bet” spins to play during the countdown. Tournament machines may also have bonus features that players may activate during play.
  • Countdown timers range from 3-minutes to 15-minutes, depending on the tournament format. All participants will have the same countdown timers for all rounds of play.
  • The more bonus features, winning combinations on the reels, and the more spins completed within the countdown, the greater the chances of a high score.
  • The total credit meter on the machine at the end of the play is the player’s score for that round.
  • The scores for all the rounds of tournament play are totaled to determine the player’s overall tournament rankings. Many tournament formats give players a chance to “toss out” a low score! 

Players are assigned specific times to play called “session times” during a virtual tournament registration prior to hotel arrival. The player will receive an email or may check the tournament webpage to see what times they were assigned, what machine number, and where tournament play will take place.

Once at the tournament arena, the emcee will announce when it’s time for each session time group to enter the designated play area.

  • Players sit at the machines they were randomly assigned during tournament registration.
  • When the tournament timer begins, everyone in the session hits the “spin reels” button and/or the “bonus pop-ups” on their machine and plays for the duration of the countdown.
  • Depending on the play format the players may get a small break, change to the next assigned machine, and play again. At the end of each session play, individual scores are recorded.
  • Participants are welcome to stay in the tournament area and watch the event.
  • Once all participants play and final rankings are recorded participants will return to the tournament arena for the awards ceremony or check online for the winners’ standings.
  •  All FREEPLAY winnings will be added to the winner’s MGM Rewards accounts after the awards posting. All CASH prizes require paperwork at the tournament arena and will be issued in person at the cashier’s cage.

Not at all! MGM Resorts strives to provide a unique experience at every slot tournament with varying themes, décor, food, and entertainment. The most common slot tournament format consists of three rounds of play with the lowest score dropped. Other structures include the best three out of four scores and twin tournaments, offering players two tournaments in one weekend with two chances to win. Many formats feature re-buy rounds where players may purchase another round to play to replace a low score. We also feature many bracket-style tournaments, where players have a chance to win prizes at their host resort and advance to an even higher Grand Finale prize pool.

To keep it exciting for all our guests, MGM Resorts offers many different prize formats. Therefore, some tournaments are free, and some require a buy-in. Buy-in tournaments typically have cash prizes and a set number of participants. This ensures more favorable odds and a better chance of winning.

Prize structures vary depending on the tournament. Top prizes range may from $10,000 in FREEPLAY to $1,000,000 Dollars in CASH! 

MGM Resorts hosts multiple slot tournaments almost every month! Check your email for invitations or ask Casino VIP Services or your Host about upcoming events.

Slot tournaments are reserved for invited MGM Rewards casino guests. To become a casino guest simply sign up for a free MGM Rewards loyalty card at or at any loyalty desk located in all our casinos and use your card while gaming to track your gaming activity. Tournament invitations are sent to customers’ email on file who qualify based on their gaming activity. Most tournaments do require that you meet minimum historical gaming on your MGM Rewards card before you’ll receive an invitation. Gaming activity required to receive an invitation does vary by event. It’s best to contact your Host or Casino VIP Services to see if you qualify.


MGM Resorts is dedicated to providing guests with an exciting, action-packed experience! Live cooking stations, bands, dancers, entertaining emcees and other surprises are just a few of the exciting aspects that are often present at MGM Resorts tournaments! Food (if included) is typically served buffet style and guests are welcome to eat and enjoy the open bar and entertainment throughout the day. In addition, tournament invites often include a complimentary room enjoy during the tournament.

1.       A Tournament registration email is sent to each registered Tournament participant (valid email on MGM Rewards account required) the week of Tournament play.

2.       Participants have the opportunity to select the desired timeframe in which they would prefer to play their sessions.  Every effort is made to accommodate the requested times.

3.       Participants’ first session time will be posted on the Tournament website the evening prior to tournament play. Participants are expected to arrive at least 10-minutes prior to play start.

4.       Participants can access the event webpage via a link on the registration email.

5.       When Participants arrive for the first round of tournament play, they will receive their Tournament credentials. The machine numbers selected, play times, and tournament location will be clearly marked on credentials given to players.

The MGM Rewards Slot Series is a group of Slot Tournaments that are linked together. Just play in select tournaments at all of your favorite MGM Rewards Destinations in Las Vegas and begin earning Medallions. A Medallion value is associated with each qualifying Slot Series Tournament. Medallions are assigned at the completion of the tournament. The more Medallions you earn, the higher the prize pool you'll reach in the Grand Finale!

Participate in at least two of the MGM Rewards Slot Series qualifying tournaments throughout the year and you'll be invited to compete in the complimentary MGM Resorts Slots Series Grand Finale tournament on January 13 - 15, 2023. Play in even more qualifying tournaments to grow your finale prize pool, up to $200,000 CASH!