How to Book Room Blocks

Planning a wedding can be both a beautiful and stressful process. There is a lot that goes into planning a wedding but one thing to account for when having a Las Vegas wedding is where your guests will stay. Here we share everything you need to know about booking hotel blocks for weddings, so you can make planning your big day a little less stressful.

Who Will Use the Wedding Room Blocks?

Whether you’re having a destination wedding in Las Vegas or have many guests coming from out of town, those who are traveling for your wedding celebrations will need a place to stay. These guests will need a space that will allow them to get ready, put away their belongings during your ceremony, and sleep the night before and/or after the celebrations. And, you’ll want to keep everyone central to the wedding venue & reception. Be sure to take note of any +1s of your guests and extra family members, such as children, to get a better idea of how many out-of-town wedding guests will need guest accommodations in your wedding room blocks.

What Number of Rooms is Needed in Hotel Blocks for Weddings?

For this step, it is ideal to have as close to a final RSVP list as possible. The more information you have on how many of your wedding guests will need a room, the better luck you’ll have in booking the appropriate number of rooms. To get an approximate number of rooms you’ll need to book in your wedding room block, use this simple math: count all invited out-of-town guests and divide by two. The resulting number will be on the high side of number of hotel rooms needed, but expect to need fewer rooms. Some guests may end up not RSVPing, not staying overnight, or may make their own arrangements elsewhere. For weddings, there are two main types of blocks to take into consideration when booking rooms:

  1. Closed Blocks: Also known as guaranteed blocks, these blocks of rooms require a deposit – along with the financial responsibility of paying for unsold rooms. The price, or attrition rate, you pay can either be a hard number or a percentage of the unsold room’s cost. Though closed blocks present more risk financially, these hotel room blocks are a great option if you are certain of the number of rooms you will need. Additionally, guaranteed blocks allow you to reserve several rooms with peace of mind if you know your hotel will sell out otherwise.
  2. Open Blocks: These wedding room blocks, also known as courtesy blocks, generally do not hold you financially responsible for unsold rooms. Instead, any room that has not been filled by your wedding guests after a specific cut-off date will be released to the public. Courtesy hotel blocks for weddings are a wonderful option for those not wanting to assume the financial burden of un-booked rooms by their guests. However, these blocks typically come with a cap of 10 to 20 rooms. If you have a small party, this may be ideal. If you require more space, however, it’s recommended to reserve blocks in two or three hotels.

When Do I Need to Book Wedding Room Blocks?

As soon as possible! Remember, this is Las Vegas. Though there is no shortage of hotel rooms in Vegas, they do book up quickly. The sooner you can get the best estimate for number of rooms you’ll need, the better shape you’ll be in. Prices will only get higher, so if you can book more in advance, you’ll be snagging those lower prices today for a date a few months or a year in advance. Your out-of-town wedding guests will appreciate the lower prices, and you’ll have less stress on your plate the sooner you complete the task. If you are doing an open block, it doesn’t hurt to book before you know a final headcount. However, if using closed blocks, it’s recommended to have more insights before booking – even if it means you must wait a while longer to book

Where Would be Best to Book Hotel Blocks for Weddings?

The first factor to consider is proximity to the wedding venue. If the wedding ceremony is being held within a hotel’s venue, having your guests stay in that hotel would be the optimal option – availability and price permitting. You want to make travel time to and from your wedding ceremony as easy as possible for your guests. For example, if your wedding ceremony is being held ARIA Resort & Casino, try to keep guests in nearby central Strip hotels, such as Vdara, MGM Grand, Park MGM, or Bellagio. If your venue is more south, perhaps at Mandalay Bay, consider the nearby, family-friendlier hotels Excalibur, Luxor, and the New York New York. While walking around Las Vegas in heels and suits isn’t out of the norm, your guests will appreciate the convenience of less travel time.

Why Should I Book Wedding Room Blocks?

Hotel blocks are a great gesture to offer to your out-of-town wedding guests, resulting in the perfect solution to keep your guests close, and provide them a discount to help keep travel expenses manageable. Think of hotel blocks as being a sort of Costco deal – you buy in bulk and you save money. Passing on these saving to guests will make their travels more affordable. Additionally, staying in a hotel near other guests will make the party last past the wedding venue, meaning they get to spend more time celebrating your big day! Not only does finding a block of hotel rooms help your guests, but it also allows you to check off the worry of where your wedding guests will be staying.

How Can I Ensure My Guests Enjoy Their Stay?

Though you might now know the who, what, when, where and why for booking room blocks at a hotel, there is always wedding room block etiquette to consider. When beginning your search for wedding room blocks, look into multiple price ranges for your wedding guests. If possible, reserve blocks in three separate Las Vegas hotels,all at least $50 between price points. Then, guests won’t feel forced into booking a room they cannot comfortably afford. When the wedding day arrives, be sure guests have enough time between check-in and check-out to both get ready for your ceremony and pack up. A rushed guest is not a happy one! Finally, be sure your guests have all the amenities they need. Ask the hotel if they can leave a welcoming goodie bag in each room, and provide a schedule of events at the front desk in case guests ask for this information. At the end of your wedding, guests will remember your beautiful ceremony and caring hospitality.