Official Sports Betting Partner

The National Hockey League (NHL) and MGM Resorts International announced the formation of a partnership agreement that combines the NHL brand with MGM Resorts and playMGM brands across league and team sponsorships, data usage in gaming, promotion across NHL-owned media platforms, domestic activations around the NHL Tentpole events and premier Television visible branding. The new multi-year agreement designates MGM Resorts as the first-ever “Official Sports Betting/Wagering Partner of NHL” and “Exclusive Resorts Partner of NHL.”

MGM Resorts will be identified as an NHL-Authorized Gaming Operator and utilize NHL’s official puck and player tracking, on a non-exclusive basis, throughout its digital and live domestic sports gaming options. MGM Resorts and the NHL will work together on comprehensive responsible gaming measures and work to protect the integrity of the game both on and off the field.

Designations: Official Sports Betting Partner of the NHL, Exclusive Resorts Partner of the NHL


The NHL runs four tentpole events throughout their season and MGM Resorts will be highly integrated into each event through meaningful television visible logo placement as well as on-site activation. 

During the entire NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, MGM Resorts had one In-Ice logo position for all games contested in the Unites States. At the Stadium Series, Winter Classic and All-Star Game events MGM Resorts was represented with two dasherboard positions, a branded jumbotron feature and in-arena LED logo placement.

MGM Resorts may also activate a space at the Fan Fest of these tentpole events where fans can choose to interact with our brand and learn more about our playMGM mobile sports betting application as well as our various Resort offerings around the country.

Club Sponsorships

Detroit Red Wings 

Los Angeles Kings 

Vegas Golden Knights

Washington Capitals