Famous Casinos in Las Vegas

To many, Las Vegas is the ultimate location for gambling. In fact, Vegas is home to many of the largest casino properties in the world. Since the first Las Vegas casino was built in 1931, and the first casino on The Strip built just 10 years later, Vegas and casinos have been synonymous. Both off and on the Strip, you’ll see the flashing lights and exciting sounds of the Las Vegas casinos. It’s easy to be enticed by the jackpots and the intrigue of luck and risk taking, but with so many options, how do you choose which casino to visit? Whether you’re a pro poker player or just new to the penny slots, we have gathered a list our favorite and famous MGM Resorts casinos in Las Vegas.

The Most Grand Casino

If you want space to gamble, you can bet on the MGM Grand. With 171,500 square feet of total gaming space and approximately 2,650 slot and table games, this is the largest casino in Clark County. Its size is recognized not just in Las Vegas, but worldwide as well. In fact, it’s landed itself in the top 10 largest casinos in the world. This enormous casino is easy to get lost in, but that isn’t so bad if you’re a gambling aficionado. Visitors can choose from a range of games, from progressive slots to multi-game machines and state-of-the-art sports betting. No matter where you end up in the maze of the MGM Grand casino, you’re sure to find something that catches your fancy.

The Luxury Casino

In the world of poker, many professional poker players warmly refer to the Bellagio casino, “The Office”, or their home base. This is due to the Bellagio poker room having high table limits. If you’re a true poker pro, you’ve probably played, or dreamt of playing, the Big Game in Bobby’s Room. This is named for the best Baldwin, Bobby, who eventually became the president of Bellagio in 1998. Because of its popularity in this circle, many World Poker Tour tournaments have been held in the casino. These high stakes attract the best of the best, which means the Bellagio must live up to high standards. Luxury is the name of the game in this Las Vegas casino. The 116,000 square feet of gaming space offers a range of slots, table games, and more in extreme elegance and style

The Themed Casino

Sometimes a themed casino is just what you need to escape reality. Step back into time to New York City in the 1940s simply by walking in to New York-New York casino. From the iconic skyline to the lake representing New York Harbor, you can travel across the country faster than catching a plane. Central Park is the name of the main casino area, and other areas of the casino from shops to restaurants are named after famous NYC landmarks and neighborhoods. Though this casino is somewhat smaller than others on this list, measuring 84,000 square feet of gaming space, this casino is still big on New York attitude just as some of our favorite movie characters have – Hey, can’t you see we’re gambling here? If you happen to play any card games, keep an eye out for the heart suit – it may just be replaced by an apple.

The Modern Casino

As there are new casinos in Las Vegas being built, the technology and design of casinos are becoming more modern. The casino at ARIA Resort & Casino diverges from the classic casino feel in its sleek appearance. With beautiful architecture, exterior windows, and skylights in the high-limit gaming area, this Las Vegas casino allows for natural light and a more open feel. The Poker Room alone has become a trendy table for pro poker players looking to grab a seat, and the coveted Ivey Room for even higher stakes. If the ARIA Resort & Casino is any indication of future casino development in Las Vegas, we can be looking forward to more stunning designs and technology-forward gaming areas for a more sophisticated Las Vegas gambling experience.

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