CSR: Feeding Forward

Food insecurity is one of the most serious public health challenges in the United States, according to statistics from the United States Department of Agriculture. In the United States, one in nine people struggles (according to Feeding America). More than 272,000 people struggle with hunger in Southern Nevada, including more than 102,000 children.with hunger. 

Partnership with Three Square Food Bank

In 2016, in partnership with Three Square Food Bank, the Company launched the flagship portion of the Feeding Forward program: an innovative food donations process that simultaneously combats food waste and food insecurity at scale. This food donation process was first introduced at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas when unserved food from catered events was rescued, frozen and then safely donated to people in need. In 2016, we expanded our partnership by announcing a two year grant of $768,000 to Three Square, with an initial grant in 2018 of $286,000 to help build the core infrastructure to expand our Feeding Forward program to include an innovative food donation process that combats food waste and food insecurity at scale by collecting and preserving unserved, untouched event food from MGM Resorts. Three Square freezes the collected food using blast-chilling technology and stores it in their warehouse freezer until a community need arises.

More than 120 hunger relief agencies – serving food-insecure people in Southern Nevada10 – have selected prepared, frozen meals from Three Square’s online ordering system. Since its launch, Feeding Forward has expanded to include unprepared kitchen ingredients and unused minibar and warehouse items.

Food Donations

In 2018, our five major convention resorts participated in Feeding Forward, rescuing over 279,000 meals, bringing our total number of meals donated through the new process to 562,000 meals since the program’s inception in 2016. We have ambitious aspirations

Ways MGM Resorts Supports the Community