Our Approach to Design & Development

At MGM Resorts, we recognize the materials we choose and products we buy drive much of our lifecycle environmental impact. This also affects our ability to manage waste as some materials are more durable, recyclable or reusable than others. Therefore, we have a robust program to manage materials and waste across our Design & Development activities and operations.

Did You Know?
Since we opened our first LEED certified development in 2009, we have built all new construction projects in the U.S. to LEED Gold standards.

ARIA Campus - 2009

We began construction on CityCenter in 2007 as a 17 million square foot mixed-use project with urban streets, parks, hotels, convention space, luxury retail, condominiums, office buildings and art. We wanted it to be a leading example of 21st century urban planning in the heart of Las Vegas, with environmental sustainability at its core. CityCenter is now a global case study in eco-luxury, fusing glamor and sustainability. Our managed components – ARIA Campus – set many benchmarks for sustainability practices across our portfolio.


  • Six LEED Gold certifications
  • When it opened in 2009, CityCenter was the world's largest privately funded LEED Gold certified development
  • 30% more energy and water efficient than comparable buildings
  • Onsite natural gas-fired power plant captures waste heat used to heat water for buildings and pools
  • More than 50% of all wood products used from well-managed FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified forests

The Park - 2016

In 2016, we opened the Park, an immersive outdoor dining and entertainment experience connecting New York-New York, Park MGM and T-Mobile Arena. Envisioned as a microcosm of the beautiful Mojave Desert, the Park draws inspiration from this sensitive yet thriving ecosystem. To achieve a cohesive natural environment, we incorporated innovative approaches to water conservation, energy efficiency, recycling and material selection.


  • Filled with natural desert vegetation that is drought tolerant such as agave, yucca, palo verde, acacias and mesquite trees
  • An on-site well supplies the Park’s water, operating on a closed-loop system that captures, filters and reuses the water moving through the sculptural waterscapes
  • Point-source drippers use 72% less water than traditional sprinklers and anemometers that control water features based on wind speeds
  • The entire restaurant corridor at the Park was designed to meet LEED Gold standards
  • The furniture, shade structures, waste bins, tree grates and building structures are manufactured with pre- and/or post-consumer-recycled steel
  • 80% of all construction waste was recycled

T-Mobile Arena - 2016

Setting the stage for a new era of Las Vegas entertainment, T-Mobile Arena opened in 2016. The 20,000-seat venue between New York-New York and Park MGM hosts more than 100 events annually. Constructed following the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® Gold standards, T-Mobile Arena proves that a large venue can be environmentally sustainable.


  • 7,000 tons of recycled steel was used and 40% of the other materials were sourced directly from neighboring states
  • 80% of construction waste was recycled
  • To reduce energy consumption, high-efficiency LED lighting was installed, and high efficiency heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems are used in the restaurants
  • A 100-kW rooftop solar array helps power the facility
  • An on-site well supplies all the irrigation water, reducing water used from the city’s water supply
  • Low flow fixtures were installed, bringing the estimated water consumption to 40% below code requirement

MGM National Harbor - 2016

MGM National Harbor is a 3 million square-foot luxury resort in Maryland featuring an array of environmental innovations. From a roof that captures rainwater for landscape irrigation, to extensive use of glass to deliver natural light into the building, green design elements are visibly and elegantly infused into the core architectural design of the destination.


  • LEED Gold certified
  • Has one of the D.C. area's largest natural gas-fired combined heat and power plants onsite, reducing the resort’s carbon footprint
  • 700,000-gallon water cistern collects and stores rainwater for irrigation and interior use, reducing reliance on municipal water
  • Healthy building materials used throughout to support wellness of guests and employees
  • Energy and water efficient fixtures used as standard

MGM Springfield - 2017

MGM Springfield, located in Massachusetts, is designed to revive the city's downtown core while preserving its historic architectural character. The strong focus on historic preservation includes retention of iconic structures, reusing exterior facades and replicating historic design elements. The project was awarded Gold-level certification in LEED for Neighborhood Development and is the first gaming resort to achieve the LEED Platinum distinction.


  • LEED Platinum certified
  • The architecturally beautiful Congregationalists Church was moved two blocks away
  • The Massachusetts Life Insurance building's facade and entry points were preserved
  • The Union-Chandler Hotel's original building elevation and facade were incorporated into the project

MGM COTAI - 2018

MGM COTAI opened in January 2018 as the first privately developed building in Macau to receive the Chino Green Building (Macau) Design Label and the only resort to achieve the highest award. During construction, we implemented a range of smart and sustainable design across six key areas: land, energy, water, building materials, indoor environmental quality and operations and management.


  • Features The Spectacle: the world's largest indoor garden with more than 100,000 plants and 2,000 species
  • Smart building management and monitoring system with advanced electricity, water and natural gas controls
  • 100% LED lighting
  • All faucets, showerheads and toilets maximize water efficiency by using low flow technology
  • Onsite food composter to convert food waste into compost

Green Building Certifications

For decades, we have confirmed our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our resorts by earning external assurance. CityCenter has earned six LEED Gold certifications for building design and construction. MGM COTAI received the three-star Green Building Operational label, the highest rating under the China Green Building Label certification scheme.

As our December 31, 2020, we hold the following building certifications:

  • 14 LEED Certifications
  • 9 resorts with Green Globes Certification
  • 16 resorts with a Green Key Eco-Rating
  • 7 resorts with a Green Key Meetings Eco-Certification
  • 1 resort with ISO 14001 Certification
  • 1 resort with ISO 50001 Certification

Stay Well™ Rooms and Meetings

By aligning with Stay Well™ standards, we take a structured approach to enhancing the health and well-being of our guests. Stay Well™ rooms combine the latest wellness technologies and practices by Delos, the Cleveland Clinic and Dr. Deepak Chopra. Additionally, we invested in Stay Well™ aligned meeting rooms to craft healthier workplaces for our working guests and employees who use them.

Stay Well™ Guest and Meeting Room Features

  • Air purification
  • Aromatherapy
  • Cleaning protocol
  • Energizing lighting
  • Specialized lighting
  • Stay Well™ shower infuser
  • Stay Well™ mattress

Biophilic Design

Stay Well™ Meeting Room
at MGM Grand
Immersive Outdoor Experience
at The Park
Nature-based Décor
at Park MGM
Summer Garden 2021
in the Conservatory at Bellagio

Given our large supply chain, we recognize the vital importance of biodiversity. While we are still developing a formal nature action plan, we have implemented nature-based design practices, which contribute to a more pleasant and calming environment for our guests and employees.

Our Approach

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

We operate with integrity and strategic focus.

Fostering Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We are committed to an inclusive and diverse culture for our employees, guests, community partners and stakeholders.

Protecting the Planet

We work to ensure our operations are environmentally sustainable.

Investing in Our Communities

We are invested in growing and supporting strong communities.

More Information

Social Impact & Sustainability Reports

Each year we are proud to showcase these commitments by highlighting the work we do today and the goals we aim to achieve.

ESG Policies

We have a number of ESG-related policies in place to formalize and operationalize our efforts.

ESG Disclosures

In addition to our company’s self-selected metrics and goals, we also provide disclosures aligned to a number of prevailing third-party ESG frameworks.

Awards and Recognition

MGM Resorts International is honored when organizations recognize our Company’s efforts in diversity, philanthropy and environmental sustainability.