Our Approach to Sustainable Events

Sustainability is a strategic priority for many public and private sector organizations around the world. Naturally, sustainability thinking extends into events. At MGM Resorts, we have designed a portfolio of unique venues and offer a comprehensive set of ideas to help clients enhance the social and environmental benefits associated with their events.

Sustainable Venues

Many event clients hold sustainability as a strategic corporate priority and look to champion their commitment in their events. At MGM Resorts, we are proud of the unique environmental attributes of our large event venues, including the Mandalay Bay Conference Center, which features America's largest contiguous rooftop solar array. We optimize energy and water use, increase our use of renewable electricity and adopt extensive materials and waste reduction programs into our venues, recognizing that a venue’s environmental programs and practices drive much of its carbon footprint.

Environmental Initiatives Across MGM Resorts:


Our Accolades

As of December 31, 2020, our portfolio of integrated resorts and entertainment venues earned several certifications for green building design and sustainable hotel operations. They include:

  • 14 LEED Certifications
  • 9 resorts with Green Globes Certification
  • 16 resorts with a Green Key Eco-Rating
  • 7 resorts with a Green Key Meetings Eco-Certification
  • 1 resort with ISO 14001 Certification
  • 1 resort with ISO 50001 Certification

Further details about green building certifications at MGM Resorts can be found in our Design & Development section.

Sustainable Events Program

Our approach to sustainable events aims to save water and energy, reduce materials and waste and engage the community. For this, we focus on four areas: venue and space, décor and signage, food and beverage, and outreach and education. To assist clients in improving the environmental efficiency of their events, MGM Resorts has designed a custom deck of playing cards featuring 52 sustainable event ideas. The ideas also support one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGS), which are also visually highlighted on the cards, as well as an assessment of the likely cost impact. The ideas on the cards combat the common misconception that environmental and societal benefits from events are cost prohibitive. 

Venue & Space

We support our clients by offering low-carbon, environmentally sustainable venues.


  • Offer environmentally certified venues
  • Ensure robust health and safety protocols
  • Power venues with renewable electricity
  • Undertake food waste diversion

Décor & Signage

We offer décor and signage options that help reduce waste and increase circularity of material flows.


  • Incorporate biophilic design in event and meeting space
  • Take advantage of circular economy opportunities
  • Support diverse-owned suppliers and vendors
  • Offer digital signage

Food & Beverage

We have an extensive offering of sustainable food and beverage options and have a best-in-class program to manage event-related food waste.


  • Offer enticing vegan and vegetarian items
  • Reflect seasonality in menus
  • Selectively offer organic meats and produce
  • Offer certified coffees and teas
  • Utilize reusable dishware and utensils

Outreach & Education

We help meeting planners communicate the sustainable event elements implemented and offer detailed sustainable event reports to help quantify impacts and benefits.


  • Help communicate sustainability efforts to attendees
  • Provide accessibility accommodations for attendees
  • Offer wellness experiences

Other Sustainable Events

Food Donations

One of the most socially beneficial materials and waste programs at MGM Resorts relates to food donations. We have developed a robust program in which we safely donate unserved food to the food insecure in the communities in which we operate. We donate three major food types: unserved perishable prepared food from events, perishable unprepared kitchen food from kitchens and non-perishable food from minibar and warehouses. In collaboration with the Southern Nevada Region’s primary food bank, Three Square, we also helped establish the core infrastructure needed in Las Vegas to safely collect, transport, and store food from hotels.

Digitally Forward Meetings

At MGM Resorts, we embrace innovation and continuous improvement. While the COVID-19 pandemic affected our events and banquets business, it also required us to create digitally forward ways of doing business. For events, this digital transformation has also spurred environmental benefits. What began as a health and safety measure, such as digital event registration and mobile check-ins, has become a best practice for reducing paper waste – a significant waste stream in events. Additionally, offering virtual attendance options to our guests helps lower the carbon footprint of our clients’ events.


  • Mobile guest check-in
  • Web-based event registration software
  • Digital signage and event literature
  • Virtual attendance options

Our Approach

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

We operate with integrity and strategic focus.

Fostering Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We are committed to an inclusive and diverse culture for our employees, guests, community partners and stakeholders.

Protecting the Planet

We work to ensure our operations are environmentally sustainable.

Investing in Our Communities

We are invested in growing and supporting strong communities.

More Information

Social Impact & Sustainability Reports

Each year we are proud to showcase these commitments by highlighting the work we do today and the goals we aim to achieve.

ESG Policies

We have a number of ESG-related policies in place to formalize and operationalize our efforts.

ESG Disclosures

In addition to our company’s self-selected metrics and goals, we also provide disclosures aligned to a number of prevailing third-party ESG frameworks.

Awards and Recognition

MGM Resorts International is honored when organizations recognize our Company’s efforts in diversity, philanthropy and environmental sustainability.