Guide to Slots


Every spin is random. What happened in previous spins is no more or less likely to happen again.

Whether you push a button or pull a handle, the objective of the game is to spin and win or spin and lose.

Modern slot machines offer an extremely fast rate of play, allowing you to play many spins quickly.

The goal is to spin a winning combination of symbols as defined in the pay table


Rule #1: Set a budget. Rule #2: Stick to it.

Player skill, newness of the game, or the location of your machine have no bearing on winning or losing. The outcome of every spin, on every machine, is all up to a random number generator (RNG).

Always set a time and/or monetary budget before you begin to play.

Understand cost per spin, which you can calculate by multiplying the number of winning paylines with the bet denomination per line (i.e., playing 25 lines and betting 1 cent equals 25 cents per spin)Set the bet amount per spin, hit the button(s) and hope for a win.


Taking breaks is important, but don’t expect others to save your machine for you.

Pushing or shaking the machine does not influence your chances of winning.

Playing multiple machines during crowded times will not change the randomness of machines or your odds of winning.


Over time, the house always wins.

Each spin of the reels is independent of what came before, so a slot machine never becomes “due” for a winYour odds of winning can be found in the pay table on the machine being played.

Randomness of every machine is monitored by regulators to ensure fairness.

Payback percentages are calculated over the lifetime of the machine, which means that a high payback percentage does not equate to your chances of winning


Bonus: A chance to play a special game that offers a bigger payout

Credit: Your cash wagers converted once you put it in the machine

Costs per Spin: The cost for each spin can be calculated by multiplying the bet per line times the number of winning lines chosen

Jackpot: The largest possible prize

Random Number Generator (RNG): A computer inside each machine that ensures a random outcome every time

Pay Table: In Massachusetts as in most other jurisdictions, pay tables must be available on every single slot machine. Pay tables can be found in physical or digital format on the machine itself.

Payback Percentage: The amount a slot machine is programmed to payback to players over the lifetime of the machine

Progressive: A jackpot that builds up over time. Remember, even though the prize gets bigger, the probabilities of winning don’t change