Experience Virtual Reality at The Big Apple Coaster

MGM Resorts has some great attractions that the whole family will love. If you are a big kid at heart, a must-see is the Virtual Reality Coaster at the Big Apple Coaster in the New York-New York Hotel.

  • A Virtual Reality Like No Other

    Upgrade your Big Apple Coaster experience with VR goggles and take the ride to a whole new level! The first of its kind in Las Vegas, this white-knuckle ride high above The Strip will combine thrill-seekers’ need for speed with advanced, immersive graphics, resulting in a 4D experience that’s out of this world. The adventure begins as soon as you are handed the virtual reality headsets. Once on the coaster, you are transformed into a scientist in hot pursuit of an alien that has escaped the research facility. Experience this fun virtual chase through New York City in a high-flying battle with alien invaders and death-defying escapes from monsters.

    Equipped with sensors that use wireless connectivity to precisely synchronize the virtual reality creative visuals, this advanced technology can handle all the ups, downs, dives and loops of a roller coaster without losing connection to the virtual reality headsets! Want to experience both rides? Purchase the ticket for the Double Ticket Package where you can ride a regular ride plus a Virtual Ride back to back!

  • The Big Apple Coaster

    Open until 11 PM Sunday through Thursday and open to midnight on Friday and Saturday, the Big Apple Coaster is the world’s first coaster to feature a 180-degree “heartline” twist and dive maneuver at 67 mph. The roller coaster itself is impressive, with the highest point reaching 203 feet with a 144 feet drop all while riding high above the Las Vegas Strip. Each car is designed to pay homage to the classic cabs of New York City. More than 1.4 million riders have experienced this heart-stopping action-filled coaster. We guarantee this ride is like nothing that you have experienced before.

    Head over to the New York-New York Hotel and purchase your tickets today!

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