Our Approach to Water

As a major operator of resorts, many of which are in the desert destination of Las Vegas, we recognize the criticality of water to our business. We are committed to using water responsibly and continuing water stewardship across our company and supply chain. We enable progress toward water goals through an integrated approach to water management, focusing on Design & Development and ongoing operations.

Water Efficient Design & Development

During Design & Development, we aim to drive long-term water efficiency through our design choices. Our approach focuses on optimizing water systems, implementing water conservation measures and integrating water recycling features. Our focus on water-efficient Design & Development has enabled progress towards our water goals. We achieved our 2025 goal by the end of 2019 and ambitiously reset our water goal in 2021.

Water System Optimization

Optimizing our water systems to reduce consumption is a core component of our water strategy. Our corporate and property facilities teams collaborate on system maintenance and finding innovative technologies to enable progress towards our water goals.

Examples include:

  • Ongoing monitoring and benchmarking of water usage
  • Leak detection systems
  • Regular checking of water equipment
  • Submetering water-intensive areas

Water Conservation Measures

Water is a fundamental resource for crafting guest experiences at our resorts. Most of the water consumption at our resorts is used in guest rooms, kitchens, public restrooms and laundry facilities. We meet the demand for water by installing or retrofitting water-efficient features.

Examples include:

  • Low-flush toilets
  • Low-flow showerheads and faucets
  • Controlled flush urinals
  • Sensors or timers to control faucets
  • Water-efficient laundry machines
  • Water-efficient dishwashers

Water Recycling

We believe that climate change adaptation goes beyond the energy pillar and we invest in water recycling at the time of Design & Development to diversify our water sources throughout the life cycle of our resorts and entertainment venues. This is essential in increasing our resilience to water stress and decreasing future demand for water.

Examples include:

  • More than 90% of the water of the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay is reused
  • Fountains of Bellagio use an onsite well and pool water from the 'O’ Theater' as source water

Water Efficient Operations

While water-efficient building specifications are integral for water reduction, ongoing water practices, including water-efficient behavior, are also important in maintaining water security for our company. This is especially salient in the hospitality industry.

Water Efficient Housekeeping

The housekeeping team is a direct link between our company and guests, and we recognize the unique role that they play in enabling progress towards our water goals. We engage our housekeeping teams to optimize water use when servicing guestrooms and promote better guest behavior as it relates to water consumption.

Examples include:

  • Encourage guests to take part in our Linen Reuse program
  • Train employees on water efficient cleaning techniques
  • Optimize laundry machine programming to limit water consumption

Water-Optimized Recreation

Providing world-class recreation is a cornerstone of how we Entertain the Human Race at MGM Resorts. Often, recreational activities require significant resources, especially water. Responsible water use in recreation, such as the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, is a strategic priority in our water management program. We also aim to manage water use responsibly in swimming pools, spa areas, fitness centers and other recreational facilities.

Examples include:

  • Clean and replace filters through a robust pool management program
  • Regular checks for leaks during preventative maintenance schedules
  • Use water sub-metering to understand major water uses

Water Efficient Kitchens

MGM Resorts is the largest multi-concept, non-chain restaurant operator in the U.S., so understandably, our kitchens are a significant focus in our environmental sustainability program. Pre-rinsing and dishwashing are the largest users of water across our 400+ food and beverage outlets. We focus on increasing efficiencies in kitchens to optimize our water use as a company.

Examples include:

  • Install dishwashers with water reuse and heat recovery where possible
  • Use water-efficient prewashing features
  • Train kitchen employees on water efficient food preparation and cooking techniques
  • Encourage employees to maximize dishwasher loading

Drought-Tolerant Landscaping

The scale of our resorts and entertainment venues requires significant water resources for irrigation. We reduce irrigation requirements by shifting towards landscaping techniques that lower water consumption and potential water stress. The Park features point-source drippers that use 72% less water than traditional sprinklers and anemometers that monitor and regulate local conditions so that features shut down when the wind picks up. Combined, these water conservation approaches help save millions of gallons of water a year.

Examples include:

  • Install point-source drippers in landscaped areas
  • Replace grass with artificial turf
  • Plant drought-tolerant or native species

Water Security

As a major operator of resorts and entertainment venues, fresh water plays a vital role in our everyday operations, including cooling towers, water features, landscaping, golf courses, guest bathrooms, pools, spas, laundry, food preparation and cleaning. Additionally, we are a major operator of restaurants and events. We rely on the indirect use of freshwater for growing food in our agricultural supply chain and cleaning linens in our outsourced laundry facilities. We also rely on water to produce all types of goods and services where water is an essential input. Whether direct or indirect, our dependence on water will increase over time. We commit to improving our water use efficiency to adapt to future water supply and demand changes.

Did you know?
Nearly every gallon of water used inside MGM Resorts destinations in Las Vegas – from spas and kitchens to guest rooms is treated and returned back to the source, Lake Mead and the Colorado River.

Water Source Resilience

While Southern Nevada relies on the Colorado River for most of its water supply, the community is entitled to less than 2% of the river's water. Las Vegas Strip resorts, including those operated by MGM Resorts, consume less than 3% of that allocation by using a globally leading circular water management system managed by the Southern Nevada Water Authority. Through this system, nearly every gallon of water used inside buildings is recycled back to its source, Lake Mead, thus allowing Las Vegas to grow into a global tourism destination despite its desert landscape.

Rainwater Harvesting at MGM National Harbor

At MGM National Harbor, the roof is designed to collect rainwater and send it to a 700,000-gallon cistern. The harvested rainwater is stored, treated and used for cooling and other purposes, reducing our reliance on municipal water sources.

Lake Bellagio Underground Well Water

The iconic Lake Bellagio, Fountains of Bellagio and all Bellagio irrigation use water from onsite underground wells, avoiding the use of municipal potable water equivalent to 5,000 Olympic-size swimming pools annually.

Water Innovation Through WaterStart

Sitting at the nexus of water technology, research and economic development is WaterStart: a program that is enabling future progress toward water conservation goals for us and others in the region. This public-private partnership began in 2013, partly with sponsorship funding from MGM Resorts. WaterStart helps identify the water technology needs of partners such as MGM Resorts and then recruits companies with innovative technology and process solutions to address those needs. By taking part, we are supporting not only our own water progress, but that of other companies as well.

Water Quality Monitoring

We rely on potable water to deliver hospitality and entertainment experiences to our guests. We often exceed compliance and integrate water quality monitoring as a standard business practice across our resorts and entertainment venues.

Examples include:

  • Comply with regulations by monitoring the quality of water withdrawals
  • Monitor potable water systems daily for both employees and guests
  • Regularly evaluate water quality for pools, spas, drinking water fountains and drinking water dispensers

Water Treatment

If managed poorly, wastewater poses a severe pollution risk to natural water sources. While our properties discharge wastewater directly to municipal wastewater treatment plants, we are committed to exceeding compliance and implementing wastewater treatment practices to minimize the pollution levels of our wastewater before entering sewers.

Examples include:

  • Install water conditioning systems to improve the drinking quality of our water
  • Direct discharge of wastewater to municipal wastewater treatment plants
  • Leverage interceptors to pre-treat water relevant to recycling docks, automotive work, cooking oil and degreasers

Find our water-related targets, performance and progress in our Social Impact & Sustainability Metrics and Goals 2021 disclosure.

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