MGM Rewards

MGM Rewards is Coming




It’s so much more than just a name change. When we set out to reimagine our rewards program, we listened to your feedback and we did it to give you more. More ways to earn, more ways to redeem, and more exclusive benefits that you’ll only get at all 20+ MGM Resorts Destinations nationwide. If you’re already an M life Rewards member, there’s nothing for you to do but enjoy your membership benefits. If not, sign up now and get ready to be rewarded!

Extended Earning period

In anticipation of the new loyalty program, we have extended the Tier Credit-earning period to January 31 giving you a little extra time to lock in your current tier or even level-up before your tier status is evaluated.

What's To Come

New and Exclusive Marquee Benefits

With more ways to earn comes even more ways be rewarded. Enjoy brand new and exclusive benefits for each tier level. The higher your Tier Status, the more exclusive they get.

New Ways To Earn

Now earn more with your dining, hotel and gaming spend with MGM Rewards. We’ve completely reinvented the opportunities to play, earn and redeem rewards.

Earn Everywhere

Take advantage of simpler ways to earn across all MGM Resorts regional and Las Vegas properties.

Sportsbetting Rewards

Maximize your rewards by gaming with BetMGM, The King of Sportsbooks.

Simplified Access

Track your status and rewards more easily than ever with all-new website and mobile app experiences.

Your New MGM Rewards Card

Excited to receive a new flashy loyalty card? We are too. New cards will begin issuing February 1, although your existing card will remain active.

New Name, New Lingo

M life Rewards isn't the only name that is changing. New, simplified terminology will also be launching with the new loyalty program.

A New Name for a New Experience

M life Rewards is now MGM Rewards, with new opportunities to earn across 100s of MGM Resorts, restaurants, shows, and more.

MGM Rewards Points

Your Express Comps will now be called MGM Rewards Points, and you can redeem them for phenomenal experiences across all MGM Resorts Destinations.

Slot Dollars

The points you earn playing slots and video lottery terminals (VLTs) will now be called Slot Dollars. As you move up in Tier Status, you’ll earn even more Slot Dollars for your play.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the MGM Rewards Program?
MGM Rewards is MGM Resorts' loyalty program that gives you the power to earn benefits for virtually every dollar you spend. That means you'll be rewarded for enjoying our hotel rooms, dining and spa experiences, along with your slots, video lottery terminals (VLTs), video poker and table games play at any MGM Rewards Destination, nationwide.

Your play and spend are recognized as a single account, making it easy to stay, play, and dine wherever you like, whenever you like. Earn Slot Dollars, MGM Rewards Points, and Tier Credits toward your Tier Status, and more! Advance your tier and earn even more benefits.

2. When does the new MGM Rewards Program launch?
The MGM Rewards Program launches on February 1, 2022. As a special gift, members will have an extra month (January 1, 2022 - January 31, 2022) to earn Tier Credits toward qualifying for Tier Status in 2022.

3. Do Tier Credits earned in January 2022 contribute to my Tier Status for 2022 and 2023?
Yes! As an added bonus of the launch of MGM Rewards, Tier Credits earned in January 2022 will count towards your 2022 and 2023 Tier Status. So, there’s still time to keep or level up your Tier Status for 2022!

4. Is the Tier Status earning period changing for the new program?
The Tier Status earning period will remain January 1st – December 31st each year with Tier Evaluations taking place on February 1st.

5. When and where can I get my new MGM Rewards card?
After February 1, 2022 visit any MGM Rewards desk and present your valid photo identification to receive your new MGM Rewards card. You may also print your MGM Rewards card from a kiosk (where available). Please note that your existing M life Rewards will remain active.

6. Are you changing the Tiers with MGM Rewards?
There will continue to be 5 Tiers with MGM Rewards: Sapphire, Pearl, Gold, Platinum, and NOIR.

7. What are MGM Rewards Points?
MGM Rewards Points (formerly known as Express Comps) are the fastest and most convenient way to self-comp at your favorite MGM Rewards Destinations. MGM Rewards Points may be redeemed for your hotel stay, at over 400 participating food and beverage outlets, entertainment venues, or to purchase your MGM Rewards Moments. Members do not earn Tier Credits when redeeming their MGM Rewards Points.

8. How do I earn MGM Rewards Points?
Earn MGM Rewards Points at all MGM Rewards Destinations, nationwide by playing slots, VLT’s, table games, and effective February 1, 2022 for hotel stays booked directly through MGM Resorts and dining at over 400 participating food and beverage outlets.

Earn one (1) MGM Rewards Point per $1 spent on eligible dining and hotel folio charges. MGM Rewards Points earned for eligible spend will be available to be redeemed after 7 days.

Earn MGM Rewards Points for slots, VLT’s and table games based on game type, average bet, and length of play. MGM Rewards Points earned for eligible gaming will be available to be redeemed the same day.

Members with a Tier Status of Sapphire, Pearl, Gold, and Platinum will continue to be limited to a balance of $5,000 in MGM Rewards Points and those with a NOIR Tier Status will continue to be limited to a balance of $10,000 in MGM Rewards Points. Once a member reaches the applicable balance limit, no additional MGM Rewards Points will be awarded for activities that would otherwise result in MGM Rewards Points being awarded until such balance falls below the applicable balance limit.

9. What will happen to my existing Express Comps balance?
There’s no action required on your part. Your existing Express Comps balance will be converted to MGM Rewards Points at a 1 to 1 ratio and will be available for use on February 1, 2022. Any MGM Rewards Points earned for eligible spend after February 1, 2022 may take up to 7 days to post to your MGM Rewards account. One (1) MGM Rewards Point is valued at $.01.

10. What are Slot Dollars?
Slot Dollars (formerly known as POINTPLAY) gives you more of what you like best, FREEPLAY for your slot play. Redeem Slot Dollars when and where you want from your favorite games without waiting in line once you have set-up your four-digit Personal Identification Number.

Visit the MGM Rewards desk where a representative will help you to select a secure, four-digit Personal Identification Number or "PIN" for your MGM Rewards account. A representative will also show you how to manage your account at the game using the game's keypad and MGM Rewards menu options. To preserve the security of your MGM Rewards account, never share your PIN with others.

Slot Dollars are known as VLT Dollars at Empire City and MGM Northfield Park.

11. What will happen to my existing Points and POINTPlay balance?
There’s no action required on your part. Your existing POINTPlay balance will be converted to Slot Dollars at a 1 to 1 ratio and will be available for immediate use on February 1, 2022. One (1) Slot Dollar may be redeemed for $.01 in FREEPLAY directly at your favorite participating slot machine or VLT. Minimum thresholds apply.

At Empire City, Slot Dollars (known as VLT Dollars) may only be redeemed for food and beverage.

12. How do I earn Slot Dollars?
Slot Dollars are earned while playing slots, video lottery terminals or video poker at all MGM Rewards Destinations, nationwide.

13: Are Tier Credit earnings changing?
Tier Credit earning previously varied across our regional and Las Vegas properties. Based on feedback from our members, we have standardized Tier Credit earning rates across all of our properties. This has also allowed us to add several exciting new benefits for members in our premium tiers, such as no resort fees, a Tier Achievement Celebration Dinner, and annual airfare to Las Vegas.

As an exclusive benefit of being an MGM Rewards member, you will also have the opportunity to take advantage of new Tier Credit multiplier promotions on an ongoing basis to help you level-up to the next tier and unlock exciting new benefits, including a 2x tier multiplier on all 2022 Tier Credits earned in Las Vegas February 1 - April 30, 2022.

14: Are Tier Credit thresholds changing for any of the Tiers?
Starting February 1, 2022, members will advance to Pearl when 20,000 Tier Credits earned (previously 25,000 Tier Credits). Gold Tier Status will continue to earn at 75,000 Tier Credits and Platinum Tier Status at 200,000 Tier Credits. NOIR will remain by invitation only.

15: Why was the Express Comp multiplier removed?
While we have removed the Express Comp multiplier, we are excited to offer our most loyal MGM Rewards members exciting promotional opportunities throughout the year to earn additional MGM Rewards Points through bonus multipliers and other targeted offers. Pearl, Gold, Platinum and NOIR members will continue to receive a bonus on Slot Dollars earned playing slots, video lottery terminals, and video poker.