Dive With the Sharks at Shark Reef


Are you ready to swim with the sharks? Dive into North America's only predator-based aquarium featuring Sandtiger, Sandbar, and White Tip Reef Sharks with one guest (while four others look on). Includes a guide, diving gear, a video of your adventure, and a private tour of the aquarium. Call Mandalay Bay Concierge to book your unique M life Moment at 877.305.3136.

Terms & Conditions

Price $1,000 for two divers. $650 for one diver. Subject to availability. Must book at least 14 days in advance. Dive Certification is required prior to booking.  Limited Reservations available for Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Must be at least 18 years old with valid ID. Open water dive certification will be validated with PADI, NAUI, SSI databases, or other certification databases. Please bring a swimsuit, any personal care items you may require, and your own mask, if you prefer.

Resort Mandalay Bay
Minimum Tier


Price 1000